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1. HOW TO TOILET TRAIN YOUR DOG 2. Dog toilet training requires patience, perseverance and consistency. 3. The whole family should take responsibility for this teaching. 4. When is my dog ready for this learning? 5. After 4 months hell be physiologically ready to control his needs. 6. Mistakes to Avoid 7. Dont punish him if you dont discover him at the moment of his offense. He wont understand the reason for your anger. 8. Avoid punishments such as: 9. Hitting and shouting to him. 10. Rubbing his nose against his urine, its a very sensitive area. 11. Locking him inside the bedroom. 12. The only thing youll achieve with all of this is making him more nervous and urinate more frequently. 13. How to teach him 14. Before starting with the training, take him to the vet for worming. 15. Make sure he doesnt have diseases relate with urination and defecation. 16. You must dedicate time for the teaching of this habit. 17. Make sure to assign him a space for relieving himself. 18. 15-30 minutes after eating and drinking, take him with the collar and the leash to the assigned place and wait for him to do it. 19. Award him with cuddles whenever he does it correctly. 20. In the beginning you must take him out every 2 or 3 hours. 21. Use the same door and route which leads to the chosen place. 22. Be aware of the signals he does before urinating so that you can intervene and take him outside. 23. Spinning around himself. 24. Bending down and sniffing. 25. Whining/crying. 26. Take him outside when he wakes up in the mornings and before going to sleep in the night. 27. What to do if I find him urinating in a wrong place? 28. You say NO to him in a strong tone (but without shouting), taking him straightaway to the correct place. 29. Why does my dog keep urinating wrongly? 30. It could be due to various reasons: 31. Disease. 32. Stress or separation anxiety. 33. If hes a senior dog, he may have problems to control his bladder. 34. Not maintaining the same schedule when taking him outside. 35. If you liked this presentation, you can see thearticle on which is based in our website. And dont forget to follow us on Facebook! 36. #1 Flickr / Toilet Train / leelee_smiles #2 Flickr / Mylo / Beverley Goodwin #5 Flickr / Puppy / Jennifer #7 Flickr / Punished look...he's such an act / ~ggvic~ #9 Flickr / Scolding Pets for "Accidents / #10 Flickr / Rosco Urine Writing / CJ Sorg #11 Flickr / Taro the Shiba Inu / taro shiba, in the guest bedroom #14 Flickr / Vet Visit / Tony Alter #15 Flickr / The Dogs Next Door / Tony Alter CREDITS 37. #16 Flickr / Walking the dog / brianac37 #17 Flickr / Mishka / andreavallejos #18 Flickr /Puppies eating / Christian Haugen #19 Flickr / Puppy Love / #20 Wikimedia / Walking dog in snow / #21 Flickr / Crystal Spinning / CRYSTAL ROLFE #22 Flickr / sniffing contest / Stan Rawrysz #23 Flickr / Hugging. / Connie Ma #24 Flickr / Seasick dog on Scottish Islay Ferry / Oliver Ruhm #25 Flickr /cry* *cry* *cry* *cry*/ Kathryn Yu Photography #26 Flickr / Jordan the Golden Retriever - Rest in Peace / Pete Markham #28 Flickr / Old Dog New Tricks / Scott Maxworthy #32 Flickr / Light Prison 12/52 / Perry McKenna #33 Flickr / Nice White Dog / Shlomi Fish