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1. Why Train A Dog? 2. The very first and the most important thing to be kept in mind is that you should not consider a dog in training to be just your pet. A lot of people own birds, cats, dogs, etc. But you will feel that there is an altogether different relationship with you and your dogs as compared to your relationship with any other pet in your house. There is a historical bond with dog in training and humans. Dogs like working for humans and thus, it is the duty of humans also to keep it busy with sufficient tasks so that he is satisfied that all his instincts and abilities are being used to the fullest. Warmth, food, love, etc are all very important but the most important thing which makes a dog in training unhappy has to do nothing. Introduction 3. How to Care a Dog ? It might sound very strange but there are a lot of people who dont like dogs. Some people even wish to get all the dogs banned. But they need to understand that dogs have a lot to offer to humans. When you bring home a dog, irrespective of its size & breed, you also need to responsibility of other owners as well as dogs. But not all the owners of dogs take this responsibility seriously. It is important to show the dog that this society is a good place for it and that it can feel completely safe here. You will always notice bright and wide eyes and glossy fur on dogs which are active and which do a lot of outdoor exercises. This is only because these dogs are leading a life that is active and healthy. A dog needs to live a dogs life and not a humans life. 4. Benefits of training a dog Training a dog will also improve your life. Once your dog has been trained successfully you will realize a good relationship with your dog. It will obey all your commands and safeguard you against all odds of life. A trained dog is like an asset to its owner. It gets a sense of responsibility towards its owner and the house it lives in. Thus, it tries its level best to protecting its owner and its house. Thus, training your dog will benefit you in a number of ways. 5. Contact Us Service dogs are so helpful for people with disabilities. Whether they are blind, deaf, or unable to walk, service dogs can be there to help. If you are interested to get benefits of a dog with service dog ID contact here: Address: 20955 Pathfinder Rd, Ste 100, Diamond Bar, CA Ph.no: 424.289.5759 Email us: Sales@supreme-cards.com Website: http://www.animalidshop.com/