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What did you actually learn?

What did you actually learn?CMST 225 Communicating with/through technology So you spend all semester in a class, but did you actually learn?

Not Much?Yeah Right!

What did we actually do?Projects on Projects - Created a blog

Projects on Projects -Created a Slideshare

Projects on Projects -Created a Pod Cast

Projects on Projects - Created a video blog, feel free to watch

Hardships While each project was worthwhile, they did have their frustrations

Hardships With those frustrations came lessons that were learned

Lessons learned Dont underestimate yourself Believe in yourself that you can create a quality product no matter the skill level

Lessons learned 2. Dont become overwhelmed with big projects, keep them simple, trust and believe in your ideasand others will too

Lessons learned 3. HAVE FUN! If youre going to put the time and effort in, have fun with what you are doing

Remember these three things and you will be happy with what you are creatingI know I was Thank you! Thanks for viewing, and thank you for a wonderful semester Dave!