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  • 1. Things you will Learn taking CMST 225 By: Bahnan Abdi

2. First off what is CMST 225?? 3. Well CMST is short for Communication Studies 4. And 225 is the course # 5. Your probably wondering.. 6. What kinda stuff do we learn in CMST 225 7. Well sit tight and get ready to find out 8. Well this year in CMST we learned about many things 9. Such as Blogs 10. Such as Blogs, Slideshares 11. Such as Blogs, Slide shares, Podcasts 12. Such as Blogs, Slide shares, Podcasts, Vodcasts 13. Such as Blogs, Slide shares, Podcasts, Vodcasts, Audacity 14. Such as Blogs, Slide shares, Podcasts, Vodcasts, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker 15. Such as Blogs, Slide shares, Podcasts, Vodcasts, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, and Wordpress 16. Technology brings us many new innovative ways to make things easier for us 17. Thats why technology is.. 18. So amazing 19. One of the new things I learned in CMST 225 that I will be using for a long time is.. 20. Blogging 21. There are a lot of reasons I like blogging they are 22. 1.) Online Journal you can write in everyday 23. 2.) you can use images, text, and media to use as visuals 24. 3.) When you blog you can write anything you want 25. 4.) The blog is always run by whoever makes it 26. 5.) Also have fun with blogging its not a job 27. If your interested in blogging now here are a few sites you can use to get started.. 28. Blogger 29. Blogger, Blogsome 30. Blogger, Blogsome, weebly 31. ..And of Course.. 32. Wordpress 33. Blogging is something you use everyday to express your freedom of speech 34. So get started blogging 35. One thing I also fell in love with this year in CMST 225 was.. 36. Podcasting 37. Podcasting is like a radio show.. 38. you talk about something that interests you to wide group of people 39. Using only a Mic, audacity and a piece of paper anyone can make a podcast.. 40. Nowadays jobs are looking for people who have an understanding of technology 41. So dont sit around and let someone take your future job 42. CMST 225 is the way to go 43. You will learn all the new ways to communicate using technology 44. Technology is changing everyday 45. So learning all the new innovations will help you succeed in the future 46. And your value as a worker will be much greater 47. So sign up for the next CMST 225 course 48. You will not be disappointed 49. The End 50. Bahnan Abdi Final Presentation