faye wong and her songs --- my favourate pop star

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  • Faye Wong and her songs --- My favourate pop star

  • Faye Wong was born in Beijing,August 8,1969, her birth name was Xia Lin because her paternalfamily was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution.At the age of 15, several years after the turmoil ended, her name was changed to Wang Fei.

  • Her first album in continent When was in high school she recorded several low-cost albums, one of which was "feng cong na li lai" ,covering the songs of Teresa Teng, her personal idol. Her sound then was not mature , but innocent. So maybe you can have a taste on it if you cherish the good old childish days , it's so funny.

  • Musical career In 1987, she moved with her family to Hong Kong and began her musical career .In there,she became a model at first ,but very soon she found the idle work didn't suit for her ,so she began to show her talent on music again with someone's help.

  • She signed a contract with Cinepolyand her name was changed to Shirley Wong just because the company thought that Wang Fei was too cloddy() , although she disliked the name.

  • At that time,she released three albums, but attracted little attention and a lukewarm response from critics.In 1992, she released the 4th album "Coming Home". In this album, she covered the song "Fragile Woman",which made her famous very soon.

  • Famous but not satisfication After that,she released one and one albums.In 1994,she bacame the most eminent female Hong Kong singer. Meanwhile, her distaste for the profit-oriented HK entertainment industry became more and more apparent. She was frequently in touch with the rock circle in Beijing, Dou Wei was one of them.

  • She became famous,but she wasn't satisfied with it,some of her friends said her songs were rubbish , not true music. Maybe it was true,but what Faye took care of was whether the songs she sang were hers,she wanted to sing her own songs.

  • In order to show her decision,she tried to change her name back to Faye Wong,and at last she succeeded.She became to Faye Wong again ,and she began to sang the songs she liked ,so her style of music changed too.She tried to attempt some true music but not just commercial songs.

  • Faye's favourate Fu Zao The albumFu Zaowas a good example. In the album she took many artistic risks,so the album contains mainly her own compositions. Although the sales volume was not good, it was Faye's favourate album.I think this is why Faye Wang was called Faye Wong. It is very important for every star to have their own thoughts and styles.

  • Guinness World Records According to Guinness World Records, Faye Wong had sold 9.7 million copies of her albums as of March 2000, giving her the title of Best Selling Canto-Pop Female