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  • International Symposium of the Dakar Institute of African Studies

    Valorizing African Cultural Heritage and Thought in the 21st Century

    July 3rd and 4th, 2015

    Dakar, Senegal Dear Babacar Faye: We are pleased to inform you that your paper proposal Pouring Some Cream in the Strong Traditional Coffee: Why did Frantz Fanon Silence the Algerian Islamic Anti-colonial Tradition? has been accepted for the Annual Symposium of The Dakar Institute of African Studies Rethinking Africa in the Twenty First Century," to be held 3-4 July 2015, in collaboration with the Universit Cheikh Anta Diop and the West African Research Center. Please note you will have 20 minutes to present or to read your paper. Since the conference will be bilingual (in English and French), we ask that you send us a copy of your presentation no later than two weeks before the conference. We will share more details of the conference program in a few weeks. We expect all participants to cover their own travel, accommodation and other incidental expenses. We encourage you to ask for travel support from your host institution or any other relevant agencies. We have provided below information about possible accommodation. Please note that less than 40% of the submissions were accepted for presentation, we therefore ask that you confirm or decline your participation within the next week so that we can accommodate those who have been placed on the waiting list. Should you have any further inquires about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us at: We expect this to be an interesting and productive symposium and we look forward to receiving you at The Dakar Institute.

  • Here is a list of accommodations in Dakar. The hotels should have English speaking staff to facilitate your reservation: Maison de l'Universit (campus housing): Studio: 15,000CFA; Apartment 25.000F To reserve these rooms please contact us at Auberge Marie Lucienne: Single: 34340 CFA; Double: 44700 CFA (breakfast included) Rue A, Point E Dakar Fann, Dakar 25 072 Senegal Tl. : +221 33 869 0090 Fax : +221 33 869 0115 Hotel Djolof: Single 61.000 CFA; Double 82.000 CFA; Suite 130.000 CFA (breakfast included) 7 rue Nani Fann-Hock Dakar, Senegal BP 45810 tl +221 33 889 36 30 - fax +221 33 821 21 18 email : Sincerely, Monika Brodnicka, Conference Organizer Tel: 001-607-237-9307