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The Powe r of WebQuests for Teaching Content-based Language. By Faye Klementowski. WebQuest. A research activity that requires the learner to collect information about a subject by using the web. Dinosaurs. Volcanoes. The Solar System. Elephants. The Goal . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


By Faye KlementowskiThe Power of WebQuests for Teaching Content-based Language1WebQuestA research activity that requires the learner to collect information about a subject by using the web

DinosaursElephantsVolcanoesThe Solar System

The Goal To motivate students to learnTo develop critical thinking skills so students can solve problems and create projectsWhat do you want to learn about?What We KnowMany students use computers regularly for social/recreational activities:. Email. Social Networking. Online Chats. Gaming

What We Dont KnowMany students lack the necessary skills to utilize the internet for:

. Professional Use. Academic Purposes

UsesSocial/Collaborative SkillsProfessional Development ActivitiesOral Language Development

Students learn to effectively interact and collaborate with:

. The Computer. Other Students/Users

Lets search the web !Social/Collaborative Skills. Simulate real-life situations. Are meaningful. Promote content-based learningProfessional Development Activities

Oral Language Development. Reading. Vocabulary. Interaction (Written & Oral)

Motivation Student Directed Interactive Accommodates: Preferences Language Acquisition Skills Academic/Cognitive Abilities

Courageous: BraveBACK TO WEBQUESTIgnited: StartedBACK TO WEBQUESTSegregation: The separation of people by raceBACK TO WEBQUESTAbolished: EndedBACK TO WEBQUESTMy Feelings

BACK TO WEBQUESTRosa ReviewMake your choice. Click on the question to find out if your answer is correct. 1. Rosa Parks is known as theA. Mother of SegregationB. Mother of Modern-day Civil Rights MovementC. Mother of African AmericansD. Mother of Freedom2. Where did Rosa Live? A. Montgomery, AlabamaB. Jackson, MississippiC. Tallahassee, FloridaD. Kansas City, Missouri3.Rosa worked as aA. HousekeeperB. WaitressC. CustodianD. Seamstress

4.Rosa was arrested forA. Drinking from a Whites only water fountainB. Refusing to give up her seat on a busC. Sitting in the wrong section of a movie theaterD. Hitting a white man

5.How did the African American citizens of Montgomery respond to Rosas arrest?A. They beat up the bus driverB. They stopped going to churchC. They boycotted the bussesD. They vandalized the local police station

6.What is the name of the African American minister who encouraged African Americans to protest without violence?A. Richard NixonB. John F. KennedyC. Martin Luther King Jr.D. Raymond Parks

7.What was the final result of the Montgomery bus boycott?A. People of all races held hands and sang Kum-bai-yahB. Segregation was abolishedC. The first African American president was electedD. Women were given the right to vote