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Ebuzzing’s 7 Golden Rules for the Ultimate Campaign. Quick tricks and tips to get your campaign to the point.


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    7 Golden Rules for the

    Ultimate Campaign

  • Golden Rule # 1

  • Golden Rule # 1

    The story matters more than the product: turn your message into a story that will resonate with your target audience. Think more about the enjoyment a video offers to a viewer instead of how well it serves the brand. Engagement is key.

    Be a great story teller

  • Golden Rule # 2

    Kick off with a bang: Make an emotional connection with the audience within the first 5 seconds of the video. Time is of the essence when advertising through social, so grabbing attention is paramount. Do this with either the emotion of joy or surprise. People get bored easily and long drawn-out stories can cause people to stop watching.

    Quickly grab attention

  • Golden Rule # 2

    Most users either drop off or watch till the end

  • Golden Rule # 3

    Build an emotional rollercoaster: No matter the length of a video, people will lose interest if the emotion is constant. The ad must briefly remove viewers feelings of joy and surprise and then quickly restore them again.

    Maintain interest throughout the entire video

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  • Golden Rule # 4

    Engage with Tastemakers: Once your content has been created make sure it makes it in front of your influential pundits, celebrities, bloggers, advocates and experts. These social influencers are the best people to target when it comes to distribution, as they'll help to amplify your brand message in the fastest way.

    Amplification through Influence

  • Golden Rule # 5

    Surprise but don't shock: People wont share something that is too shocking or crude to promote to their friends and have their name associated with it but everyone loves to be surprised

    Surprise and share

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  • Golden Rule # 6

    The First 72hrs: Maximizing visibility over the first few days can be critical to stimulate the sharing activity and earned media of the campaign

    Achieve critical mass early

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  • Golden Rule # 7


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