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NYSCATE Annual Conference Session G: Digital Storytelling Duel: The 5-Photo Story


  • 1. DIGITAL STORY-TELLINGThe 5-Photo StoryPresented by Andrea Tejedor & Bonnie Kaplan NYSCATE 2012 Annual Conference Session G

2. DIGITAL STORY-TELLINGWhat is digital story-telling?Why? 3. THE IDEAL VS. THE REALITYWhy not? 4. THE 5-PHOTO STORYAn entry pointBuilding block for narrativeScaffolding to other genres 5. AN EXAMPLE 6. THE PROCESS & THE TOOLS Selecting the photos Creating a storyboard Writing the title & the story Publishing 7. DIGITAL STORY-TELLINGThe Duel 8. RULES Organize the 5 photos into a story and create astoryboard Write a narrative (one-sentence per photo) List web 2.0 tools for digital storytelling Publish the stories using the tools 9. Photos by: Bonnie Kaplan 10. THE 5-PHOTO STORYResources 11. CONNECTING TO OTHER GENRE Five-Picture Charades: A Flexible Model for Technology Trainingin Digital Media Tools and Teaching Strategies Tell a story in 5 Photos Video of above link 5 Photo Essay Tips 12. CONTACT US Andrea Tejedor Twitter: @AStrategicShift Email: tejedor.andrea@gmail Bonnie Kaplan Twitter: @blkdrama Email: