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  • 1. GOALS:My overall goal is to encourage local businesses and organizations to get a website. AUDIENCE:Local business & nonprofit organizations MESSAGE:An organization gains more business if it has a website Dan Rapoza Interpretive Sign Designs CSE-615

2. 3.

  • In this revision, I added a couple of pictures and played with alignment and proximity.
  • The message is basically in two parts:
  • Heres some information about people going online
  • What are you going to do about it?
  • I wanted the text for each part to correspond with their pictures.

4. 5. This next revision adds a bit of contrast.The layout was changed a bit and has some repetition added. 6. 7. For this next one, I went a completely different direction. I wanted to play with color, and the previous design didnt work well with different color schemes.I used a Fresco filter on each of the pictures and altered the coloring for each a little. Then I styled the text a bit and introduced a dirty phonebook for a background. I tried to give the whole thing a even color scheme.I thought the result was different. I was surprised that I liked the way it turned out. 8. 9. These next two slides are some of my experiments with type.Neither went well with the phonebook background, so I dropped that. 10. 11. 12. In the end, I went back to the design with contrast.I tweaked the font a little from the contrast design, and added a small picture of a globe to give the type in the title a little extra flavor. 13.