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  • 1. Dance Dance Revolution AndDance Dance Revolution And ExergamingExergaming Future in PE Presented By Dan Murphy

2. Mission Statement ExergamesMission Statement Exergames The short term goal of exergaming is to engage children and adults in physical activity as a substitute for sedentary activities.The medium term goal of exergaming is to improve health and fitness of participants, increase self- esteem and physical ability towards the long term goal of increasing physical activity levels for long term healthy lifestyles - including VPA (voluntary physical activity) beyond exergaming alone - and ultimately to realize health and wellness benefits by this. 3. DefinitionDefinition Exergaming is more than a combination of just exercise and games, since such a definition would include football. Instead, it is an activity that combines exercise with electronic game playing. By "exercise" we mean any activity that increases heart rate via muscular exertion. So while playing Dungeons and Dragons may indeed quicken your pulse, most of the heart-rate increase results from the excitement of the game rather than muscular exertion. By electronic game, we mean an activity played using either a computer, game console, or other electronic interface that has rules, goals, and feedback. 4. Lets get more activeLets get more active 5. Screen ShotsScreen Shots 6. Skill development for lifetime activitiesSkill development for lifetime activities 7. Lets inspire our students toLets inspire our students to play games which are activeplay games which are active 8. 76% of Xbox users are76% of Xbox users are between the ages of 12 too 34between the ages of 12 too 34 9. Lets Go with the flowLets Go with the flow In out classrooms we should teach our students activities that they can participate in outside of the physical education classroom. With so many people involved with videogames, why not teach them a game in class that will help better their physical and emotional health. Lets teach them how to use the software so that they can utilize it at home or any other setting. 10. Importance or PhysicalImportance or Physical ActivityActivity What Does the Research Say? Ten minutes of aerobic exercise before a cognitive task (like reading or math) resulted in better success at that test than Students who did 10 minutes of physical activity before a standardized test, did up to 25% better at that test than students who received 20 minutes of test-specific tutoring. This research is profoundly relevant to todays learning, health and fitness crisis. At the same time the fitness-overweight dilemma is growing, funding for programs like physical education in schools are being reduced or eliminated. Preparing healthy, active children for life has taken a backseat to preparing the K-12 student for standardized tests. 11. Cortland State DDRCortland State DDR 12. Students are on taskStudents are on task 13. Happy StudentsHappy Students 14. Students ViewStudents View 15. Arcade SetupArcade Setup 16. Dance PadDance Pad 17. ConclusionConclusion Lets be unique. Lets be unlike traditional schools. Lets motivate our students. Lets play videogames and leap into the future as healthier human beings with more interesting ways to exercise. 18. Dr. YangDr. Yang The goal of one of my first exergame studies was to quantify the amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in youngsters who play DDR. While playing DDR for 45 minutes, the youngsters were in the MVPA range for over 33 minutes (~73%) and the average heart rate was 142 beats per minute.