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Black T-shirt and hoodieFrom my research into both video games and short films, I found that the top is nearly always plain. In video games especially the attention is on the jeans or coat e.g. watchdogs main character.This also does the job of conveying dans age to the audience.

RIPPED JEANSRipped jeans show how laziness is one of Dans character traits.Through research I have found that in a given up state e.g. johnny Depp in Secret Window or Bradley Cooper in Limitless (start), their clothing reflects their attitude.

Old trainersAs the same with the ripped jeans, the old trainers will depict a lazy Dan who is unconcerned about his appearance.

BODY ARMOUR For the body amour we are planning on using cardboard for his arms, baking tray strapped to his chest, and a colander serving as a helmet.We took inspiration from games such as Black Ops or Fall Out on what body armour Dan should use.We have gone with household items as this provides a comical element. However does not provide any real protection hinting to Dans naivety and unintelligence.