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Dan's LL presentation, hub call 25th Jan 2011


  • Why Lighter Later Wanted to launch a new module for 10:10 to capture the imagination Policy Document commissioned in 2009 to analyse all things that would cut largechunks of the UKs carbon Changing the Clocks in this country came out on top because:

    Cut 500k tonnes of Co2 every year Capture the publics imagination Cut 80 road deaths a year Create 80,000 jobs Great narrative

    Strategy Build a broad based coalition of unusual suspects (from The AA to the The FA)representing the multiple Underline different benefits of the policy at key junctures throughout the yearthrough press work and report launches Secure a Private Members Bill to move through parliament (achieved in August2010) On this basis run a highly targeted and effective campaign to persuade MP backthe bid giving our membership serious and targeted chances to get lobby their MPsfrom personal meetings to emails and phone calls (we developed resources foreach) (achieved in Dec 2010)Leverage the policy to help change the narrative around tackling climate into onewhich shows that tackling climate change is seen as making for a better, happier,wealthier society

  • Lighter Later In Numbers

    35,000members (including approx 15,000+ of whom are entirely new to 10:10) 15,000 Facebook group members 9,580 individually written letters to mps using our custom built tools Assembled coalition of over 65 national organisations to back the bill 450 phone calls made from our custom built tools 5 editorial endorsements (Sun, Guardian, Observer, Independent, Express) Hundreds of press including many front page stories


    Our biggest profile raising exercise to date amongst the public Proved that we are not only about 10% reductions but that were here to raise thelevel of ambition and show whats possible Capture the publics imagination i.e. the Warrington effect Showed that weve got political teeth as a movement (both in the sector and inWestminster) Refreshed the brand Small team, tightly focused on an external timetable was highly effective atpushing things out relentlessly Very fundable Responsive

  • MP Opinions

    "Without the support of the 10:10 team, I don't think my Private Members Bill couldhave reached this stage. From the incredible coalition Lighter Later built-up throughto the unprecedented media coverage and innovative modern lobbying tactics."-Rebecca Harris MP

    "The 10:10 Lighter Later campaign has certainly been very active. Little did I knowthat when I met a member of that campaign during the general election, I would bestanding here in December debating the issue. [They] even managed to convince anumber of my constituents to spend a significant proportion of their time phoninghon. Members yesterday to exhort them to stay for today's debate.- Caroline Nokes MP

    Weaknesses- Private Members Bill campaigns are incredibly time consuming and, withoutcareful guidance, run the risk of subsuming other campaigning activity withoutguarantee of success- Took time and energy away from core 10:10 proposition and therefore contributedto the Swiss cheese effect also didnt have volunturism at the heart of it- Could have given more back to the core activity- Fundraising not handled very well- Website never really finished (e.g. back end database, refreshed look etc)- Not something strands could engage in- Might not actually save Carbon!

  • Opportunities

    Huge credibility now in the policy sphere great launching off point Targeted specific policy work with a fun edge is something were able to carry outwith pretty impressive effectiveness Lots of new connections made ie.g. high level tory funders who deny climatechange is happenning or Rebecca Harris MP launching solar schools Shows how quickly we can make things happen and provides a model for newactivity Change time and have a media cash cow/calling card for life


    - Not winning the Private Members Bill (Lib-Dems/Coalition Priorities)- Taking us off core proposition (both in message and resourcing)- Especially during this crucial juncture with minimal staffing- Annoying strands with political interventions (see strand survey)- Missing out on bigger political wins

  • Future Projects UK

    - Internationally relevant- Lights off at night- Solar Schools: http://solarschools.heroku.com/st-josephs- 10:10 Tentacles- Opened up a consultation: www.1010global.org/next-big-thing