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Ali Ibraheem Ali Ibraheem Shahin

E-mail: wa_600@yahoo.comMob : +20-010028/10194

Home1: +20-0482999728

Home2: +20-035759738

Address : Elmnofia EgyptCareer objective:

Seeking a challenging opportunity in the field of management to improve my personal,organization&communication skills,with the change for future career advancement

Dear Sir,

I would Like to thank You for taking your time in reading my c.v hoping that it would meet your expectations there for granting a personalized contact between us. I would to discuss my qualifications further in personal interview at any convenient ,Time. My tell. No. is on the enclosed data sheet.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Work Experience: Executive pastry Chef Hilton Kings Ranch Alexandria (Opening team ) from 3/2015 till to date

Pastry Chef Hilton Alex corniche Alexandria inclouding lagourmandise (Opening team ) www.lagourmandiseegypt.com from 12/2012 till 2/2015 Pastry Chef Maritim Julie Ville Alexandria inclouding lagourmandise www.lagourmandiseegypt.com from 02/2012 till 30/11/2012 Assistant Pastry Chef

Four seasons san stefano Alexandria (Opening team ) from 07/ 2010 Till 1/ 2012

Sous Chef

Four seasons san stefano Alexandria from 11/2009 Till 7/2010

Junior Sous Chef

Four seasons san stefano Alexandria from 05 /2007 Till 11/ 2009

Chef De Partie

Four seasons Sharm El Sheikh from 07/2005 Till 5/2007

Demi Chef De Partie

Four seasons Sharm El Sheikh from 04/2004 Till 7/2005

Demi Chef De Partie

Savoy Sharm El Sheikh from 10/2003 Till 04/2004

1st commis Sheraton Sharm El Sheikh from 08/2002 Till 9/2003

2nd commis Sheraton Sharm El Sheikh from 06/2001 Till 04/2002

3rd commis Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh from 03/2000 till 03/2001

Clauses and awards

Cross Exposure in Four Seasons Dublin Ireland. Winner of Hilton worldwide competition presentation for the F&B Master competition 2014 top 5 Hotel overall Europe Middle & Africa Manager of the Quarter at Four Season San Stefano Alexandria. Supervisor development program at Four Season sharm El Sheikh. Building Supervisory Skills at Maritim Jolie Ville Alexandria.

Employee of the month at Four Season sharm El Sheikh. Employee of the month at Sheraton Sharm El Sheikh. E. Crystal Basic Food Hygiene training course at Four Season San Stefano Alexandria. E. Crystal basic food hygiene training course at Four Season sharm El Sheikh.

SGS basic food hygiene training course at Sheraton Sharm el Sheikh.

HIIS basic food hygiene training course at Four Season San Stefano Alexandria. (SGSS) Sheraton guest satisfaction Standard at Sheraton Sharm el Sheikh. Fire Self Defense at Four Season San Stefano Alexandria. Hilton worldwide university elearning corsese 2014 Qualifier Process Overview A Fresh Outlook on Breakfast Buffet Merchandising ADA Communication Equipment for the Hearing Impaired ADA Effective Communication Bed Bug Training - Full Service and Luxury Brands Breakfast at Hilton Code of Conduct Policy Code of Conduct Training 2014 GetBackgroundReport Hilton All-Day Restaurant Hilton Bar and Lounge Hilton Breakfast Hilton Complaint Handling Hilton Generic Brand Service Standards Hilton Group Meeting Inquiry Hilton Housekeeping and Maintenance Requests Hilton Laundry, Valet and Pressing Service Hilton Make it Right eLearning - Driver (Arabic) Hilton Make it Right eLearning - Food & Beverage Hilton Make it right elearning - leader Hilton Make it Right Train the Trainer Course Hilton Meetings Operational Training Hilton Reservations Hilton Room Service Hilton Specialty Restaurant Hilton Telephone Handling Hilton Worldwide Information Security and Privacy Training The Virtual BuffetMy goals:

My goal is to get involved with a company that offers me the opportunity

To contribute to its development and make progress while stabilizing

Myself geographically in a dynamic environment

I hope now to share this particularly experience in a country like yours where quality and professionalism are appreciated.

Being part of a team that is responsible for the creation of an institution is an interesting project because it helps fulfil know-how, and to be recognized as a professional when the customer (and direction) appreciate the result.

Pastry Chef. Chef must be able to work within budgets, maintain food and labour costs, manage purchasing and inventory. Responsibilities include pastry development, food preparation and presentation, managing team development and prepare high quality products for their guests. Applicants should email the address provided below and reference Pastry Chef in the subject line.

Reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language. Knowledge of french pastries, Viennese and American pastries, pull sugar,Spicial &Wedding cake decorating,Oriantal Pastres,BakerySection and chocolateshow pieces. Strong leadership, training and organizational skills.

The ability to hire, train, motivate, supervise and discipline all pastry shop employees.

The ability to schedule all pastry employees.

The ability to communicate regularly with the Executive Chef to achieve an excellet rapport throughout the food production department and in developing new menu items

The ability to requisition all items needed for the following day from the food storeroom, non-food storeroom and stewarding department.

The ability to ensure proper sanitation procedures are followed and the pastry shop is always clean, neat and orderly.

The ability to ensure all equipment is in full working order.

The ability to ensure a superior production of sweet items, pastries, cakes, ice creams, sorbets, fruit compotes, breads, chocolates, etc. for all outlets as well as banquets and amenities.

The ability to ensure an adequate supply of all product prepared on a timely basis.

The ability to prepare exciting and appealing petit fours and mignardises.

The ability to establish standard recipes and ensure the compliance with them.

The ability to make show pieces as needed

The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.Personal information: Date of birth: 01/01/1977

Place of birth: Elmnofia

Marital status: Married

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egyptian Education: BA Arts Studies Division of Tourism tourist. Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences

(Division of Hotels and Tourism) Graduation Projet Grade: Good

Military State: Exempted

ID Number 2770101011703534 Passport No


English: Good in reading ,Writing and speaking

Arabic : Native language.

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Windows

Good analytical skills in troubleshooting software.

Excellent internet skills in browsing.Serching and communication (surfing)Interpersonal Skills

Excellent team player & has the ability to work individually. Assimilate and comprehend quickly and logically. Self motivated. dependable and good oriented. Able to learn new task quickly. Problem solver ,Hard worker, and working under stress Very good communication skillsReferences Available Upon Request

Thanks for reviewing my C.V.


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