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WELLCOME TO THE PRESENTATION OF VIGILANCEVIGILANCEKamrunnahar Sila Roll No. -011 Reg. No. -01873Md.Shahinuzzaman(GL) Roll No. -017 Reg. No. -01879NaJifa Akter Roll No. -048 Reg. No. -02065 Badiuzzaman Shoaib Roll No. -040 Reg. No. -01909 Md. Abu Sayeed Roll No. -013 Reg. No. -01875 Tusar Karmoker(AGL) Roll No. -07 Reg. No. -01869


2Call Center Business in BangladeshA Call centre (UK) or call center (US) is a centralized physical place or office of a company where incoming telephone calls from customers and other phone calls are handled by an organization, usually with some amount of computer automation. A call center may be an office that makes outgoing telephone calls to customers (telemarketing). Such an office may also responds to letters, faxes, e-mails and similar written correspondence. Typically, a call center has the ability to handle a considerable volume of calls at the same time, to screen calls and forward those to someone qualified to handle them, and to log calls. Call centers are used by mail-order catalog organizations, telemarketing companies, computer product help desks, and any large organization that uses the telephone to sell or service products and services. Two related terms are virtual call center and contact center.

Design Phase Of Call Centre

Strategy Phase

Definition Phase

Planning Phase

Implementation Phase

Management and Continuous Improvement Phase

Supporting TechnologyThere are four types of supporting technology1.Automatic call distribution (ACD)2.Interactive voice response (IVR)3.Computer telephony integration (CTI)4.Customer relationship management (CRM)


Figure I: Industrial Solution Process

Types of Call centreThere are four types of Call Center

Inbound Call Centre Outbound Call Centre Call Blending Call Centre Multi-Site Call Center

Types of Call centreInbound Call Centre

Figure II: Procedure of inbound call center

Types of Call centreOutbound Call CenterAn outbound call center provides tools for proactive customer contact. Outbound dialing module includes predictive and preview dialing, campaign and call list management, automated messaging, scheduling calls and many other features that make agents more productive and enhance the success of outbound contact campaigns. Call Blending Call CenterCall blending is used to describe a call center in which agents can receive inbound calls as well as make outbound calls. Administrators and supervisors can assign agents to both inbound and outbound campaigns. This helps to save time on manually shifting agents from one type of campaign to another. Call blending helps to increase agent productivity by minimizing agent idle time.

Types of Call centreMulti Site Call CenterWith its expertise in call center solutions and VoIP, a company can help design integrated call center solutions across global locations. By combining the cost-effectiveness of IP telephony with a world-class call center solution, multi-location call centers can benefit largely from economies of scale and a superior customer experience.

Figure III: Procedure of multi-site call center

Features of Call centreTelecommunication system regarding call centre is a feature-rich application, ideal for call centers of varying size and requirements. They have several different features like: Agent Features Supervisor Features Campaign Management Administrator Features Call Recording

Implementations of Call centreTypical Telecom companies lend itself to multiple applications in various industries. There are various ways to implement such as:Virtual Call centerOutsourced Call centerCall BlendingTelemarketingHotel Management SolutionHosted Call center

Implementations of Call centreVirtual Call center

A virtual call center allows businesses to access call center services at a fixed monthly cost - the services are managed outside the premises by a service provider. Figure IV: Virtual call centers

Implementations of Call centreOutsourced Call centersAn outsourced call centers enables businesses to meet all their technical requirements quickly and in a cost-effective way - ensuring a faster Rivaling with the equipment, the solution provider provides consultancy and critical project support for initiating call center operations. Once the call center is functional, the solution provider can continue to provide support on a need basis.

Figure V: Outsourced call centers

Implementations of Call centreCall BlendingCall blending is used to describe a call center in which agents can receive inbound calls as well as make outbound calls. Using this concept, administrators and supervisors can assign agents to both inbound and outbound campaigns. This helps to save time on manually shifting agents from one type of campaign to another. Call blending helps to increase agent productivity by minimizing agent idle time. TelemarketingTelemarketing is the ideal solution for call centers that are launching an intensive sales drive. However, manual dialing ties up agents in the repetitive task of dialing and waiting for an answer. TeleContact is a preferred choice for telemarketers trying to improve agent productivity. Compared to a predictive dialer, manually dialing phone numbers wastes over 75% of each hour. Using the Auto Dialer function of TeleContact, businesses can benefit from increased efficiency and reduced cost. The Auto Dialer can also filter out calls in the Do Not Call list.

Implementations of Call centreTelemarketingFigure VI: Tele marketingHosted Call centersTeleSynergy's contact center solution, TeleContact, consists of the call center infrastructure coupled with the interfaces for administrators, supervisors and agents. In a hosted call center, the infrastructure is remotely managed so that administrators and supervisors can focus on call center activities rather than call center maintenance. Using the intuitive interfaces, users can manage customers without worrying about the technicalities of the call center.


Bangladesh is now trying hard to grab a share of the multibillion dollar outsourcing pie by gearing up to join the bandwagon. Licenses for the countrys first-ever telephone-based call centers are issued in February 2008. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), which is the licensing authority, has invited individuals and firms to apply. Bangladesh is also planning to have first of its own telephone based call center in country. The ministry and the corporate figures of country is amazed by the growth and the wealth generated by its neighbor India by this Call Centre, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Customer care has been creating a great market for short-term job. Already BTRC has been issued call center license to 300 institutions. According to the information BTRC, 60 call centers has been started their work. Actually these centers are served by the students. By working minimum four hours a student can earn six to ten thousand taka. If anyone want to work in call centers he need to know well English speaking and expert in computer operating. For working in call center should be communicated directly with his bio-data. This institution give advertise on newspaper and various web portal of job.

BTRC TO JOIN CALL CENTER BUSINESSAnyone could get the license at a cost of Tk 5,000 for five years, which was proposed Tk. 50,000 earlier, and no renewal fee for the license. "The advertisements for applying for the license are circulated on the BTRC website from the first week of April 2008 and also go on television and radio. Moreover, the BTRC proposed only 0.5 percent revenue sharing after the termination of holiday period. Besides, the Commission proposed to facilitate the entrepreneurs of the potential new industry with tax holiday for three years in Dhaka and Chittagong and five years in the rest of the country starting from the licensing. Any good citizen having trade license can apply for the license," BTRC chairman Alam told journalists at the break of the daylong public hearing. BTRC would provide the license as long as there would be the market demand, he said, adding that there is no condition for getting the license at this moment. As a follow-up to Public Consultation on the Proposed Licensing Guidelines for Call Centre, BTRC invited the general public and call-center enthusiasts to attend the public hearing where the proposed Licensing Guidelines, and terms and conditions were discussed openly. Over 2,000 stakeholders took part in the hearing.

CALL CENTER TRAININGThe field for call center training is expanding rapidly - perhaps because there are so many new call center agents being hired on a daily basis. It is staggering that even in the US the pace of call center growth is brisk. As these agents are hired, call center training becomes a more important issue as some call centers have had turnover rates in the hundreds of percent range. This subject came up recently as I was discussing Call center training with a coworker who told me Ulysses Learning wants to be known as the call center training company.