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High level presentation providing simple tools and processes for creating high performance project delivery teams within a PMO environment


  • 1. Creating High Performance Project Teams EDWARD BYERS, P M P, S S G B ONIT MANAGEMENT CONSULTING edward.byers@onitmc.com2013

2. AGENDA 1. Describe the value of a systematized approach in building deliveryfocused technology PMOs. 2. Focus on the three core elements of a successful PMO: People Processes Tools3. Use real case study to illustrate impact in just one aspect of one project, and demonstrate its replicability across project teams.All rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 20132 3. CASE STUDY: ACME COMMUNICATIONS Project Description Nationwide DSL Deployment by Major Infrastructure Manufacturer (Alpha) for Start Up Customer (Acme) Clients Organization Immature Little to no internal project expertise Value of Engagement for Alpha: USD$240M 7 Alpha Regional Project Managers 70+ Alpha Personnel Total (Project Coordinators, Installation Managers, Engineers, etc.)Project Issues Customer (Acme) unhappy with support to date Project Costs Out Of Line Engagement Margins / Profitability Below Alpha Expectations Alpha Project Managers Experienced but not MatureAll rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 20133 4. REQUIREMENTS FOR PROJECT TURNAROUND Improved Communications Clear Project Goals and Objectives Identification and Documentation of Customer ExpectationsImproved Project Management Methodology and Maturity Training Milestones Certification Milestones PMI / PMBOK ModelingImproved Project Discipline Documented and enforced Change Control Procedures Implementation and Use of Standard Project Management ToolsImproved Quality Assurance Creation of Project Metrics What Gets Measured Gets Managed Customer Readiness Benchmarking Plan vs. Forecast vs. Actual Earned ValueAll rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 20134 5. or to look at it another wayPEOPLE PROCESSES TOOLSAll rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 20135 6. Communications Empowered Project Managers; Customer Advocates Create culture of customer focus and accountability for deliverables Regular dialogue with Customer to ensure satisfaction Create a culture of Planning versus Reacting Risk Identification & Management Contingency Planning (If, Then, Else) Align team on standard project management practices, skill sets and techniques via training and certification PMP Certification Alignment with PMI / PMBOK Methodologies CMM (Capability Maturity Model) ISO 9001All rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 2013TOOLS Quality AssurancePROCESSESMethodology and MaturityPEOPLE Creation of a Customer Focused cultureProject Discipline6 7. Project Discipline Internal / External Kickoff Meetings to ensure team focus and culture of partnership Regular status reporting with clear communication of accomplishments, objectives and issues Creation and Enforcement of Change Control Procedures Quality AssurancePROCESSES Approvals via signature Logged for proper invoicingMethodology and Maturity WHAT GETS MEASURED, GETS MANAGED Creation of Project Metrics Benchmarking of Planned, Forecasted and Actual Deliverables Measurement of Customer ReadinessAll rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 2013TOOLS Up To Date Project Plans Consistent (Format, Content) and Accurate Status Reporting Standardized Project DocumentsScoped for Resource Availability / Schedule Impact / Commercial Impact Review by Change Control Board for appropriatenessPEOPLECommunications7 8. Communications Inclusions Exclusions Project Plan for EVERY project Documented Project Scope Documents Responsibility Assignment Matrix Entry / Exit Criteria for Process Flow Earned Value Analysis Risk Management Plan By Product By Engagement Project Charter: defines project goals, scope, success criteriaQuality Assurance Methodology and MaturityAll rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 2013TOOLS Use of Project Management Tools and Software (MS Project Server 2003) Use of Project Performance and Project Schedule Tracking Tools Schedule Performance Indexing (Earned Value) Cost Performance Indexing (Earned Value) Measure and Display of Results Client Surveys / Peer FeedbackPROCESSEScreated in conjunction with the customer includes customer activities, milestones and deliverables Use of Standard Project Management ToolsPEOPLE Scope of Work approved by signature for EVERY projectProject Discipline8 9. RESULTS: ACME COMMUNICATIONS Acm e DSL Netw ork Project Phase 1 Co - Locations Weekly End to End Test Com plete Top 10 Cities160 140PMO restructured and refocused120Plan, forecast and actuals become aligned; productivity improves100 8060Project unfocused 40 and inconsistent; poor results 20 W eek0> 4/14/34/104/174/245/15/85/155/225/296/56/126/196/267/37/107/177/247/318/7Plan2840445861636570737784112120128130133135136138138Forecast121820242938496266717791101112121130132135136137Actual101214151925425365707788100114122130132135136136All rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 20139 10. QUESTIONS? Edward Byers, PMP, SSGB Lead Consultant Onit Management Consulting Tel: 206-257-2233All rights reserved: Onit Management Consulting 201310