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COMMUNICATION IN THE REAL WORLDCOMMUNICATION IN THE REAL WORLDCristina delgadoEstefana OrtizMayra cujilnEddy solanoDefinition:The communication is the process that allows us exchange information, ideas and meanings with other people.We are going to present the differences between the ways that our grandparents used for communicated and the ways young people use now. There are many ways for communicate like: e-mail, phone, cellphone, social networking, letter, texting, face to face.Ancient comunnicationIn the age of our grandparents they used different forms of communicate, but these ways were complicated because the communication was slow.Ancient ways to communicateLettersRadio TvTelephoneNews communicationActually we have a better Communication, the people use the technology for communicate and is more easy for all.New ways to communicateCell phoneE-mailSocial NetworkingCONCLUSIONThe evolution has allowed that new communication technologies are becoming more efficient and faster.Now texting with information is received immediately. Before the letters they were sent took months to arrive.