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Real-World Data. Real-World Solutions. Courtney Taylor, PCED Interim Director, Center for International Business and Economic Development. Why We Use EMSI. Ease of Use Depth of Data Immediacy of Data Late Addition: it can’t be shut down during a government shutdown. How We Use EMSI. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Real-World Data. Real-World Solutions

Real-World Data. Real-World SolutionsCourtney Taylor, PCEDInterim Director,Center for International Business and Economic DevelopmentWhy We Use EMSIEase of UseDepth of DataImmediacy of Data

Late Addition: it cant be shut down during a government shutdown

How We Use EMSICustom Reports & AnalysisLabor ForceOccupation MatchIndustriesDemographicsEconomic Impact AnalysesEI of recruitment effortsTheoretical ImpactsAcademic studiesAssistance with RFIsCompare Competing Communities (when known)

Example of a RequestCourtney,We have a prospect, we need some numbers.

Courtney,Dont you have that cool data thing you can use to help us out with some labor force numbers?Out of those Requests8-10 external Data runs/month MINIMUMAt least one Analysis/MonthImmeasurable Goodwill return We are now a resource to people who once viewed universities as ivory tower people

Another RequestCourtney,We need help showing an available labor force for in our region to help target new manufacturers.Availability of Supervisors?Rabun County Region | Compatible Occupations for First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers (51-1011.00)O*NET CodeOccupationMedian Hourly Earnings2013 Jobs2007-2013 Change2007-2013 Estimated Annual OpeningsCompatibility Index37-1012.00First-Line Supervisors of Landscaping, Lawn Service, and Groundskeeping Workers$20.88142669447-1011.00First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers$22.90277 (219)79435-1011.00Chefs and Head Cooks$14.2971029311-3051.00Industrial Production Managers$41.75135 (15)49353-1021.00First-Line Supervisors of Helpers, Laborers, and Material Movers, Hand$20.0870 (14)293First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating WorkersMedian Hourly Earnings*$25.232013 Jobs*4972007-2013 Change*-902007-2013 Estimated Annual Openings*10*These figures are taken from: SOC 51-1011.

Available of CSRs?SOCDescription2007 Jobs2013 JobsChange% Change2007 National Location Quotient2013 National Location QuotientMedian Hourly EarningsAvg. Hourly EarningsRegional Completions (2012)Education Level43-4051Customer Service Representatives1,1741,122 (52) (4%)0.790.83$13.38$14.355Short-term on-the-job trainingTotal1,1741,122 (52) (4%)$13.38$14.35Source: QCEW Employees - EMSI 2013.3 Class of Worker

A professor from the College of Education needed to know about future demand for Elementary School Teachers. As usual, data was needed IMMEDIATELY.

Basic Demographics

CuriosityLawrence County, Alabama is slated to lose 1045 jobs at a paper mill in early 2014.I was curious about impactsbut Im not an economist. Thats where EMSI (AKA Desktop Economist) came in

Theoretical Impacts

Quick DataWhat are the general demographics for my area?What is the largest Industry?Is my area outperforming the state, region, competing area, or nation in a certain industry?What occupations are growing? Shrinking?Are there gaps in educational programs?What are the largest businesses in my region?Demographics, occupations, industries, etc within a certain distance from a point.

Industrial Data

Occupation Data

Occupations with Largest Growth and Decline in the Region

Largest Businesses in the Region

Aviation Sector InformationClick the MapMRO Occupations w/in 25 miles of a click on the map

MRO Jobs w/in 25 Miles Ranked

Statistics for Jobs in Defined Region

Future?More Analyses, less runsMore partnerships with professionalsLess time per data run/analysisDevelop template for most common data requestsContinue to encourage local economic developers to embrace data.


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