workshop: real world evidence - s|ngular data ??1 workshop: real world evidence opportunities of...

Download Workshop: Real World Evidence - s|ngular Data ??1 Workshop: Real World Evidence Opportunities of Real World Data and Real World Evidence for the Pharma Industry

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    Workshop: Real World EvidenceOpportunities of Real World Data and Real World Evidence for the Pharma


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    Who is this course for?

    Learning with real cases

    Why a course on Real World Evidence?


    More info and contact

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    I have applied everywhere for information, but in scarcely an instance have I been able to obtain hospital records fit for any purpose of comparison. If they could be obtained, they would

    show subscribers how their money was being spent, what amount of good was really being done with it, or whether the

    money was doing mischief rather than good

    Florence Nightingale. 1855

    Workshop: Real World Evidence

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    Who is this course for?

    The workshop Real World Evidence is those who want to obtain an updated learning about how to

    extract useful information and knowledge from Real World Data, in order to improve business decision-making.

    In particular this course is aimed at professionals of the pharma industry, in the areas of general management, finance, marketing and sales, human resources or IT that have to oversee data projects or simply have to interact with teams of data professionals.

    It is assumed that students have a

    working knowledge of the vocabulary of the Bio-pharmaceutical research.

    It is NOT essential to have experience in programming and statistics.


    When and how long?

    -2.5 hours

    -Beginning in October 2016

    Workshop: Real World Evidence

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    The seminar will provide an opportunity to review a number of case studies that will allow

    attendees to clearly understand the benefits and limitations of using real-life data.


    You will be able to understand the different ways in which Real World Data create value for organizations in the Pharma Industry.

    You will know what Real World Data, Real World Evidence and Big Data are. You will have a good understanding of the capabilities provided by various methods of data

    analysis and to apply the most appropriate ones to provide business solutions.

    At the end of the course:

    Learning with real cases.

    Workshop: Real World Evidence

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    Why a workshop on Real World Evidence?Austerity measures and related drug price cuts have put unprecedented pressure on the

    pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers are being asked to provide information related not only to

    safety, appropriate use, and effectiveness but also clinical and economic value.

    Although randomized clinical trials (RCT-Randomized Controlled Trials) remain the gold standard

    of clinical tests, factors such as the heterogeneity in the response to the drug in real life, lack of

    adherence to treatment, or the use of these treatments in patients different from those involved in the

    process of investigation prior to the authorization, limit the generalizability of results from randomized

    clinical trials.

    It is necessary, therefore, data from actual clinical practice to complement the information

    derived from clinical trials and report on the efficiency and safety of health interventions in real world


    Workshop: Real World Evidence

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    Part 1: = WhatareRealWorldData?

    Part 2: = Big Data and Real World Evidence

    Part 3: = LimitationsdelosRealWorldData

    Parte 4: = Decision making

    Parte 5: = DataSources

    Parte 6: = Case studies

    Parte 7: = Opportunities inPharma

    Parte 8: = Firststeps

    Workshop: Real World Evidence

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    MORE INFO AND CONTACT: Jose C. GonzalezCell: +1 646 403 3104

    Email: jgonzalez@sngular.team








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    Workshop: Real World EvidenceOpportunities of Real World Data and Real World Evidence for the Pharma



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