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  • Chancellors Office Update CCC Chancellors Office July 2015 Susan Yeager
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  • Agenda 2015-16 CCC Facilities Funds Water Conservation Scheduled Maintenance (Water Projects) Portfolio Manager (Water Tracking) Water Template DSA Irrigation Prop 39 Update Sustainability Template LED Luminaires RFP 2
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  • 2015-16 CCC Facilities Funds Physical Plant and Instructional Support - $148 M Proposition 39 Energy Projects - $38.7 M Capital Outlay - 7 projects, $100 M 3
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  • Drought State of Emergency Governors Executive Order B-29-15 25% reduction in potable urban water usage through February 2016 2013 as base year Chancellors Office Water Survey Sent to districts in April Mixed results Continued emphasis on water conservation efforts Districts need to track potable water usage 5
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  • Water Conservation Measures Xeriscaping Installing reclaimed water systems Removing turf and replacing with drought tolerant plantings Installing water monitor controllers for irrigation systems Installing low flow and waterless fixtures 6
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  • Water Conservation Measures Decreasing frequency and duration of irrigation cycles Adding diatomaceous earth to athletic fields to increase water retention Capping water fountains Eliminating an additional 20 percent of remaining turf and replacing with xeriscaping 7
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  • 2015-16 Physical Plant & Instructional Support $100 Million AB 93, CH 10/15, Item 6870-101-0001 (23) $48 Million SB 81, CH 22/15, SEC. 37 Water conservation projects now eligible to be funded with SMSR funds 9
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  • 2015-16 SMSR Water Conservation Projects Replacement of water intensive landscaping Drought tolerant plants Synthetic turf (nonathletic areas) Non-plant materials Irrigation Drip systems Low-flow systems 10
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  • 2015-16 SMSR Water Conservation Projects Building improvements Reduce water usage Meter installation Wells Monitor water usage 11
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  • 2015-16 SM Water Conservation in FUSION Water Conservation projects entered in FUSION Maximum project budget = $634,000 Create a Project Funding Proposal Describe the water conservation project in the scope section Other Project Type category 12
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  • Portfolio Manager Water Tracking Manage/add water meters Energy meter Steam Hot water Chilled water Water usage Potable water Reclaimed water Alternative water Other Data is NOT automatically uploaded 14
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  • Water Efficiency Program Template Developed by San Mateo CCD Blank template for districts to complete Communicates district commitment to water conservation Designed to continually identify information gaps Guides Program implementation for staff, faculty, students, and the community 16
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  • DSA Proposed Landscaping / Irrigation Regulations Emergency regulations in effect in June Final regulations with specifics will be adopted in July Proposed framework: New buildings (ONLY) trigger requirement for landscaping/irrigation of area equal to the square footage of the buildings footprint Existing landscape areas not directly related to project to be brought up to compliance 18
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  • DSA Landscape Irrigation Requirements New buildings or additions to buildings on an existing site Full compliance CALGreen Chapter 5 Water efficiency and conservation Maximum applied water allowance Special landscape areas not to exceed 1.0 Other irrigated landscape areas not to exceed.65 Irrigation Requirements include: Low flow irrigation systems Meters Moisture sensors 19
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  • DSA Landscape Irrigation Submission Plan review Irrigation plan, planting plan Letter or compliance from licensed landscape architect Documentation package includes: Irrigation scheduling, landscape and irrigation maintenance schedule, irrigation audit report DSA fees - $500 One-time fee 20
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  • Proposition 39 Update Proposition 39 $38.737 M allocated $32.7M for facility projects Support projects and workforce development related to energy sustainability 22
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  • Sustainability Template Governor Schwarzeneggers Executive Order S-12-04 Community colleges participate in energy conservation Government Code section 15814.30 All new public buildings Government Code section 15814.31 All public buildings that are renovated or remodeled Assist campuses in creating their own plan Formatted to streamline writing process Customizable document Used in conjunction with Sustainability Template Plan and Implementation Programs and Plans Checklist 24
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  • LED Luminaires RFP Exterior LED Luminaires RFP #15-001 Foundation for California Community Colleges/CollegeBuys Competitively solicited and compliant with Prop 39 and CA Public Contract Code Contracts with GonLed and WESTCO Designed to address community colleges business needs Wide breadth of options to choose from Minimum 10-year warranty on select brands DECO Lighting CREE, Inc Acuity Brand Products Musco 26
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  • LED Luminaires RFP Addresses each districts total cost of ownership Establishes maximum cost plus mark-up Products qualify for Buy America Program Provide post-implementation training Provide sample products prior to order placement 27
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  • LED Luminaires RFP Provide a robust selection of luminaires Offer a variety of manufacturers Service entire lighting projects Single contract 28
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  • Resources Sustainability es/Sustainability.aspx es/Sustainability.aspx Facilities Planning Under the Statutes, Regulations, and Policies Tab es/FacilitiesPlanning/ReferenceMaterials.aspx es/FacilitiesPlanning/ReferenceMaterials.aspx Proposition 39 es/Proposition39.aspx es/Proposition39.aspx 30
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  • Resources CollegeBuys GonLED: rPartners/tabid/489/Default.aspx#gonled rPartners/tabid/489/Default.aspx#gonled WESCO: rPartners/tabid/489/Default.aspx#wesco rPartners/tabid/489/Default.aspx#wesco 31
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