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<ul><li><p>8/2/2019 CFC Iraq Monthly News Review, February 2012</p><p> 1/5</p><p>C I V I L - M I L I T A R Y F U S I O N C E N T R E </p><p>T h e M e d i t e r r a n e a n T e a m P r e s e n t s</p><p>Iraq:A Month In ReviewJanuary 2012Comprehensive Information on Complex Crises</p><p>Iraq Map of AttacksEconomic DevelopmentGovernance &amp; Rule of LawHumanitarian AffairsSecuritySocio-cultural Development</p><p>The Civil-Military Fusion Centre(CFC) is an information andk n o w l e d g e m a n a g e m e n torganisation focused on improvingcivil-military interaction, facilitatinginformation sharing and enhancingsituational awareness through theCimicWeb portal and our weeklyand monthly publications.</p><p>CFC products link to and are basedon open-source information from awide variety of organisations,research centres and media sources.However, the CFC does not endorseand cannot necessarily guaranteethe accuracy or objectivity of thesesources.</p><p>CFC publications areindependently produced byKnowledge Managers and donot reflect NATO policies orpositions of any otherorganisation.</p><p>The CFC is part of NATO AlliedCommand Operations.</p><p>For further information, contact:</p><p>Linda Lavender, Team LeadMediterranean</p><p>The Mediterranean</p><p>This document provides an overview of developments in Iraq for the month of January 2012, with hy-</p><p> perlinks to source material highlighted and underlined in the text. For more information on the topics</p><p>below or other issues pertaining to the region, please contact the members of the Mediterranean Basin</p><p>Team, or visit our website at</p><p>INSIDE THIS ISSUE</p><p>ABOUT THE CFC</p><p>CONTACT THE CFC</p><p>Attacks in IRAQ - January 2012</p><p>Weekly Security Update 04 January Weekly Security Update 13 January</p><p>Weekly Security Update 18 January Weekly Security Update 26 January</p><p>Source:Iraq Business News</p><p>Below is a weekly reporting byAKEof attacks occurring within Iraq. The map is organized by province. An</p><p>attack constitutes a bombing, shooting, rocket/mortar attack, kidnap or stabbing.</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 CFC Iraq Monthly News Review, February 2012</p><p> 2/5</p><p>Page 2anuary 2012</p><p>SUBMIT AN RFI OR RECOMMEND REPORT TOPICS TO THE MEDITERRANEAN BASIN TEAM:</p><p>In order to meet the growing demand for information regarding the dynamic, complex events in Iraq, the CFC has begunpublishing special reports on the region in addition to our bi-weekly newsletters. Please send your recommendations for futurereport topics or requests for information (RFIs) to:</p><p>AKNews reported Iraqs intention to participate in the fifth</p><p>roundof the Arab-Chinese Business Conference being held in</p><p>Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ministry of Trade offi-</p><p>cial Khairullah Hasan told AKNews, Iraq is in the process of</p><p>reconstructing the country. Therefore normalising these eco-</p><p>nomic relations is crucial .</p><p>InfrastructureAlso, on 06 January AKNews reported a Kirkukhousingpro-ject undertaken by a local Iraqi company will build a 600-unit</p><p>housing complex worth USD 13 million. The project is fund-</p><p>ed by local petrodollar money and will be completed in eight</p><p>months.</p><p>Iraqs National Investment Commission (NIC) announced on</p><p>02 January the details of the new Kerbala monorail. The line</p><p>will be 18 km in length and will offer 20 stations. The NIC is</p><p>currently looking for funding from private investors. </p><p>Job Creation</p><p>Iraqs parliamentary Finance Committee told AKNews on 15</p><p>January that it is considering adding an additional 42,000 jobsto the 2012 budget. Finance committee member Najiba Najib</p><p>told AKNews they are reviewing the budget in order to locate</p><p>funding that would support the additional proposed positions</p><p>without affecting current operations. The Iraqi government</p><p>reports the countrys unemployment rate does not exceed 15%.</p><p>However, international organisations report the rate at more</p><p>than 30% according toAKNews.</p><p>Oil</p><p>The Wall Street Journalreported on 31 January that both</p><p>Kuwait and Iraq are exploring ways to mitigate Iranian</p><p>threats to block the Strait of Hormuz as tensions be-</p><p>tween the West and Iran increase. According to the article,</p><p>Iraqs parliament is considering the construction of a pipeline</p><p>that would reroute oil resources while Kuwait is developing</p><p>contingency plans.</p><p>Meanwhile, the managing director of the Iranian Central Oil</p><p>Fields Company (ICOFC) has announced a Tehran/Baghdad</p><p> joint venture that will begin development of three oilfields,</p><p>reportedIraqBusiness News.</p><p>Bloombergreported that the first of four single-point mooring</p><p>facilitiesused to export oil from Iraq will be operational on 25</p><p>January. Each new mooring facility will add 900,000 barrels</p><p>per day (bpd) to Iraqs ability to export crude oil. </p><p>Insurgents disguisedas soldiers attacked a small oilfield near</p><p>Mosul, reports the Associated Press. The 858 million-barrel</p><p>field is being developed by Angolas national oil company,</p><p>Sonangola. Iraqi police believe the attack was intended to</p><p>deter foreign investment in the country.</p><p>International InvestmentReuters reports that a Japan International Cooperation Agency</p><p>(JICA) is planning to build and operate a USD 2 billion ferti-</p><p>liser plant in Basra located in Southern Iraq. The project sig-</p><p>nals Japans first public-private partnership in Iraq.</p><p>Economic Development</p><p>Vice Presidents Arrest WarrantLast month as US troops withdrew from the country, Prime</p><p>Minister Maliki ignited a political crisis by accusing the Vice</p><p>President of running death squadsreported Emirates 247. Ac-</p><p>cording to the article, Vice President al-Hashemi travelled to</p><p>the Kurdish region after the central government issued a war-</p><p>rant for his arrest. Emirates 247reported that the Kurdish re-</p><p>gion enjoys a special status that does not permit Iraqi security</p><p>forcesto arrest individuals in the Kurdish region.</p><p>Iraqs Shiite led government requested that Kurdish authori-</p><p>ties hand overVice President al-Hashemi and 12 of his entou-</p><p>rage in order to face charges reported, Emirates 247. Reuters</p><p>reported on 12 January that the semi -autonomous region of</p><p>Kurdistan was unwillingto hand over al-Hashemi to Iraqi offi-</p><p>cials in Baghdad. Although not outright refusing to handover</p><p>the Vice President, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG)</p><p>urged Baghdad to try al-Hashemi outside of the Iraqi capital as</p><p>al-Hashemi claims he cannot receive a fair trial in Baghdad.</p><p>On 15 January an Associated Press article reported that an</p><p>Iraqi courtin Baghdad had ruled on al-Hashemis request that</p><p>a trial be held in Kirkuk where he believes the ethnically</p><p>mixed city would be capable of holding a fair trial. The court</p><p>has determined that the trial will be held in Baghdad. </p><p>Commenting from the safety of the autonomous region of</p><p>Kurdistan, Vice President al-Hashimi remained defiant, pre-</p><p>dicting to CNNthat Iraq could return to widespread sectarian</p><p>violencenoting that Prime Minister al Maliki was pursuing a</p><p>dangerous agenda of sectarian politics which could require the</p><p>return of US forces. In further developments on 31 January,</p><p>Middle East Online reported that Iraqi security forces detained</p><p>16 of Tareq al Hashemis bodyguards even as Iraqiya MPs</p><p>returned to parliament from their recent boycott. </p><p>Parliamentary BoycottGulf Today reported on 19 January that the Shiite dominated</p><p>cabinetof Prime Minister al-Maliki voted to suspend the boy-</p><p>cott of Sunni cabinet members thereby exacerbating the cur-</p><p>rent political crisis that has sparked sectarian violence</p><p>Governance &amp; Rule of Law</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 CFC Iraq Monthly News Review, February 2012</p><p> 3/5</p><p>Page 3anuary 2012</p><p>throughout the country. Additionally, Prime Minister al Mala-</p><p>ki named temporary replacements for those Sunni lawmakers</p><p>boycotting parliament reportsMiddleEast Online. Iraqs prem-</p><p>ier backed off initial threats to fire ministers boycotting cabi-</p><p>net.</p><p>In a possible thawing of recent political tensions, Iraqs Sunni</p><p>leaders attempted to calm the sectarian political crisis by end-</p><p>ing their boycott of parliament reported the Star Tribune. Ac-</p><p>cording to the 29 January report, the Iraqiya coalition, a Sunni -</p><p>backed group of lawmakers, will return to the legislature. The</p><p>coalitions return could help to pave the way for a national</p><p>summit with Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. The Star Tribune ex-</p><p>plained that the summits focus would be reconciliation among</p><p>Iraqs main ethnic groups.</p><p>Democracy</p><p>Agence France Presse (AFP) quoted Iyad Allawi, ex-premier</p><p>of Iraq as saying that Iraq is in its most dangerous phase of</p><p>its modern history citing sectarianism, political manoeuvring</p><p>and terrorism as reasons for his concern. Allawi had warned</p><p>in the very early days-in fact, years ago-that sectarianism and</p><p>having a vacuum and having a political process which is not</p><p>inclusive, can only destroy the future of this country. Reflect-ing on President Obamas claim last month that US forces</p><p>were leaving a stable and democratic country, Allawi told</p><p>AFPIts neither stable nor democratic, frankly speaking. The</p><p>terrorists are hitting again very severely and al Qaeda is fully</p><p>operational now in Iraq. Middle East Online reported on 19</p><p>January that Allawi called for the Shiite Prime Minister to</p><p>respect the...</p></li></ul>