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#SABPP CEO, Marius Meyer slides on member engagement at Professional Body Summit #2014PBS


  • 1. Tools and Techniques for successful membership engagementMarius MeyerCEOSA Board for People Practices

2. Maslows needs in 2014 3. A G E N D AOvercoming the challenge of member apathy & encouraging proactivity amongst membersDeveloping a client-focused mind-set seeing your members as customersWhy do members leave? Developing effective member retention strategiesWhat do members want? Conducting a member satisfaction survey to identify their needsIdentify ways of engaging with your members one-on-one on a regular basis 4. Wake-up call for professional bodiesNot all companies deserve to last. Perhaps society is better off getting rid of organizations that have fallen from great to terrible rather than continuing to let them inflict their massive inadequacies on their stakeholders. Institutional self-perpetuation holds no legitimate place in a world of scarce resources; institutional mediocrity should be terminated, or transformed into excellence.Jim Collins 5. KEY CHALLENGEWhy are professional bodies so unprofessional in their conduct and interaction with members and other stakeholders? 6. History of SABPPFormed in 1982.Registered HR Professionals and accredited universities on HR curriculum.First Competency Model in 1990.Became an ETQA in 2002.Second Competency Model in 2012.First set of HR Standards in 2013.Busy with setting HR Metrics for 2015. 7. New SABPP Engagement Model: HR Voice for ProfessionalsHuman resource developmentResearch -infoValue & visibilityOpenfor alliancesInnovationCPDExcel- lenceQualityassuranceLearning growth & develop- mentKnowledgeSelf-governanceDuty to societyEthics 8. Market responseWOW!!! Reading your newsletter at 3am on my Blackberry and am so excited not only by what u have achieved in such a short space but the breadth and depth of visionary implementation. An awesome awesomewell done to u and the team!!!!Stan Horwitz(Western Cape)I regret why I have taken so long before becoming an active member of your organization. Alas, this is now history because, as it is I am completing my application form. Once-more, it was one of those welcomed nostalgic moments, I will cherish for some-time!SibusisoDennis Mngomezulu, General Manager: HR,ZF Services South Africa 9. The SABPP JourneyFormation & growthStabilisation & maintenanceETQA growthHR VoiceProfessional & AQP growthNumbers - growthUniversities accreditationProvideraccreditationNumbers growth/staffHR Profession BillNo growthProfessionals neglectedFinancialperformanceDecade 1:1982 -1990Decade 2:1990 2000Decade 3:2000 2010Decade 4:2011 2020TIMEPHASEGOODBAD 10. SABPP VALUE PROPOSITION: Products/Services to advance HR professionRECOGNITION =PROFESSIONAL STATUSRESOURCES = PRODUCTS/SERVICESRESEARCH =INFORMATIONProfessionalregistrationNLRD Upload (SAQA)RPLAwardsAdvocacyHR Assessors/Moderators registrationAccreditation of providersUniversity accreditationHR Competency ModelSocial media discussionsKnowledgeCentreBooklets/DVDsGuides/toolkitsCharts/postersFact sheetsOne-stop infoUpdates (laws, trends)Ethics help-lineNewslettersWebsiteHR Internships/jobsHR policiesMentoringWorkshops/seminarsAccess to alliancesEvent/product discountsCPDStudentsResearch papersPosition papersBooksArticlesCasesBenchmarkingMagazinesLabour market information 11. Market feedbackLet me take this opportunity to express that I have noticed a sense of rejuvenation in SABPP which is heartening and it tends to install an element of good pride. Well done.DayalanNaicker, Legal Aid (KZN)I am thrilled to see the revamped efforts that this professional organisation is making to professionalise HR and HRD.Irene James, Dionysus (KZN)Congratulations as you grow and expand your operations to serve South Africa.LethaboMatlala, Unisa(Limpopo) 12. CommitteesProfessio- nalRegis- trationCPDRisk & AuditIT Gover- nanceLabour marketMentoringETQALGDIEthicsDisciplinaryHRRIHigher Education 13. Strategic Transformation2011 -20122012 2013 We are changingWe are deliveringWe are improving and adding valueMore open, visible and rebrandingProducts, Services, CompetenciesMore and improved products/services/ standards 14. MEMBER APATHYWhy?Dont see valueExperience problems you cant resolveDissatisfied with servicePassive membershipLack of engagement 15. FLAGSHIP PRODUCTSSouth African HR Competency ModelNational HR StandardsHR Auditing Framework 16. Engagement starts with commitmentIndividual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work!(Vince Lombardi) 17. Client Engagement -AccreditationBernadine Linde & Jaco Poolman (BMT College) with Naren Vassan (SABPP) 18. Provider feedbackI would just like to express our appreciation for the amazing support and turn-around time we have experienced recently from Naren and Kathleen.We had quite a large batch of level 4 HRM PoEsready for external moderation and I indicated that some parents, not understanding all the processes that still have to take place, were anxious for their offspring to receive their certificates not just for recognition but to assist mostly in job-hunting, I think.Naren responded immediately to our email with the internal moderation report and Template 2s and indicated that I could deliver the selected 25% sample the same day last Thursday afternoon. He completed the external moderation within 2 days and has already emailed me the report.Kathleen has already informed me that we can start uploading the results.This is fantastic service and it is really appreciated well now do our part with speedy uploads so we can move forward towards certification.Jeannette CampbellHOD: Assessment DesignBoston City Campus and Business College 19. WHY DO MEMBERS LEAVE?Dissatisfaction with servicePoor value propositionProfessional body not keeping in touch, not at cutting edge - stagnationMoving to other fields/professions 20. CLIENT-FOCUSED MINDSETSeeing your members as customers (balance service with regulatory role)Create market segments (levels, qualifications, positions, industries etc)Engagement with your members is keyBuild a customer mindset among staffMeasure customer satisfaction 21. ENCOURAGE PROACTIVITYMake them part of committeesEngagement forumsRegular events/briefingsAwards for membersProactive communication 22. 468 HR Leaders developing HR Standards for South Africa 23. WHAT DO MEMBERS WANT?Ask them!Membership satisfaction survey to identify needsProducts/servicesInformation/communication 24. MEMBER RETENTION STRATEGYConnectionFollow-upFollow-throughE N G A G E M E N T 25. WAYS OF ENGAGEMENTNewsletters, Magazines, Fact Sheets, Social Media, Personal Visits, Briefings, Company Visits, Emails, Post, Products, Services, Research Papers, Position Papers, Posters, Blogs, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Webinars, Committees, Work Groups, Study Groups, Meetings, Indabas, Newspapers 26. SociSABPP Social Media Strategymedia strategyeengage for empowerment towards excellenceConnecting HR professionals in professional social media networksContact us on 27. SABPP BLOGFor regular updates join our 28. FOLLOW US ON :@sabpp1 SABPP@siphiwemoyo Chairman@mariussabppCEO@xolani_mawande COO@jacoduplessisza Social#hrstandards#sabpp 29. LESSONS LEARNEDStart with a clear value propositionFocus on services first impress your market with a delivery modelHave a clear strategy linked to purposeBuild capacity to deliverForm alliances to leverage impactSocial media is powerfulGet publicity be the voice for the profession