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Bally Chohan IT Solution is an UK based IT Service Company. Bally Chohan is an IT Professional.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

redefined By Bally ChohanAgenda By Bally ChohanWhat is Cloud Computing?Milestone of Cloud ComputingCommon Attributes of Cloud ComputingCloud Service LayersCloud Implementation TypesCloud Computing TrendApplications of Cloud ComputingPros and Cons

By Bally Chohan

What is Cloud Computing ? Bally ChohanWhat is Cloud ComputingCloud computing is a style of computing where massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided as a service across the Internet to multiple external customers

Cloud computing: A pool of abstracted, highly scalable, and managed infrastructure capable of hosting end-customer applications and billed by consumption Cloud computingisWeb-basedprocessing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided tocomputersand other devices (such as smart phones) on demand over theInternet. Bally ChohanWhy we should know about it ? By Bally Chohan Bally Chohantop 10 Strategic Technologies Bally ChohanGoogle Trends By bally Chohan Bally ChohanWhy we call Cloud Computing ? Bally ChohanWhy we call Cloud computing

Cloud Bally ChohanCommon Attributes of Cloud Computing Bally ChohanPros and Cons

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