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  • 1. Firas Abdul Malik
  • 2. Parent Selection:1. Isolating parents have a good characteristics according to the morphological shape.2. Isolating female from male after check the sexual maturity.
  • 3. Transporting the male & female to thehatchery ponds:1. Keeping it from light & noise.2. Watching the fish continuously & measuring the water temperature for readying it for drugging & injection by hormone.3. Weighing male & female alone for determined the hormone quantity.
  • 4. Preparing the parents for drugging before spawning.1. Preparing carnations matter or oil ((.2. Preparing special ponds for drugging.
  • 5. Parent drugging:1. Using carnations matter (powder) -50g/100 liter water, or using carnation oil (1ml/10 Liter water).2. Watching the fish until the end of drugging process.
  • 6. Hormone preparing:1. Determined the hormone quantity after determining the fish weight.2. Taking the hormone in granulates shape.3. Well bray the quantity in ceramic mortar (.) 4. Adding distilled water to the braying hormone.5. The quantity of water =0.25ml/Kg fish weight to the first & second injection .
  • 7. Female injection by hormone:1. Prepare female for injection process.2. Inject the drug fish after well fix it.3. Inject fish below pectoral fin or above lateral line ((. 4. Give the first dose (10%) from dissolver hormone in 0.25 ml-physiological dissoluble/Kg fish.5. Giving (90%) from hormone as the second dose after 12 hours from the first dose dissolver hormone in 0.25 ml-physiological dissoluble/Kg fish.6. Male take only one dose of hormone within the second dose of female.7. Fish weight must be same.
  • 8. Sewing the anus: Anus sewing by using special sewing needle after disinfect it and using disinfect abb to prevent eggs exits.
  • 9. Watching the parents:1. Continually watch parents.2. Must continue watch parents after 8-9 hours according to the water temp.
  • 10. Eggs collection:1. Egg collects by light massage for abdomen area to anus direction.2. Egg collects in dry plastic containers.
  • 11. Taking the male semen:1. Semen collects in glass jug.2. Prefer to collect semen from three males(3) in three jugs.3. Adding the semen to the egg in (10ml)/ Kg of dry egg for fertilization.4. Mixing the semen with eggs to finalize the fertility process using swan or turkey feathers for 2to 3 minutes by adding few water.
  • 12. Eggs fertilization: 1. Add few water to the egg container. 2. Mix egg continually to fertilize it.
  • 13. Prepare egg washing liquid:1. Take (10) liter from hatchery water.2. Add (30g) urea.3. Add (40g) salt free from iodine.
  • 14. Washing fertilized egg by water:1. Adding water for special liquid for egg covering up.2. Mix egg continuously between (50-60) minutes.3. Change water continuously after (3-4) minutes.4. Continue process until removing the egg limy.5. Increasing the egg size and never adhesion indicate the final of process.
  • 15. Washing egg by tenen material:1. Add (1g) from tenek acid to (1liter) water.2. Prepared quickly throw washing period- between (40-50 minutes).3. Tenek acid solid the eggs & increase the oil materials in internal membrane.4. Wash egg by water to riddance from tenek acid.
  • 16. Transport the zygote to the Zog jars:1. But between (150-200g) zygote for each zog jar.2. But gradually zygote inside zog jar quit after full zog jar to the half by water.3. Determine interred water flow rate to zog jar slowly for the first (12) hours.4. increase water flow rate (1-2) liter/minute.5. Another types of carp differ from egg quantity (50-70g) of egg for each zog jars with decrease water flow rate to the minimum value.6. disinfect the eggs by malachite green one time after (12) hours and stop in when egg hatching start.
  • 17. Egg hatching period:1. Egg still in zog jars between (3-5) days according to the water temp.2. Looking after the eggs for exiting the destroyed eggs.3. Disinfect the egg by malachite green twice a day (daily & nightly).4. You can see the fry at the zog jar sides.
  • 18. Fry transporting to dry nurse (incubator): 1. Fry hatch in the incubator for 24 hours without artificial feeding because this fry depend on yolk sac for feeding. 2. Put between (400-500) fry for each incubator. 3. Fry feeds artificially when they can swim horizontally.
  • 19. Fry feeding inside incubators: 1. Fry feeds on emulsify of boiled egg. 2. One Egg yolk enough for two incubators. 3. Feeding continue one time over (4) four hours for (3) three days.
  • 20. Ground ponds preparing for fry culture:1. before fry culture check pond inlet and outlet for leaking.2. Check for a while before fry transfer to avoid aquatic organisms & insects grows which harm fry.3. Gradually increase pond depth to (50-70cm).4. Preferring fry culture in cages to easy control it.5. The quantity of water must be increase after (10-15) days.
  • 21. Fry feeding in ponds:1. Fry feeds on soybean emulsify on the first days.2. Emulsify quantity about (5mg/1 million fry).3. Emulsify quantity increased after three days.4. After (20) days of culture, fry weighing (0.5-1g) feeds on ground brew diet.5. When fry reach (0.5-1g) weight prefer to transport it to another big ponds with low density for marketing purpose.
  • 22. Continue growing process: 1. Fishing the fish & record growth rate by recording length & width. 2. Re-record these measurements to know the grow increase to determined the enough diet. 3. Analyze the physical & chemical parameters of water such as temperature, pH & oxygen. 4. These processes must done before and after fry culture and continue daily.