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  1. 1. AMI Market Opportunities & Challenges in Asia Pacific Presented atWorld Smart Grids Seminar 2010Seoul, South Korea19 May 2010Presented bySubbu BettadapuraAssociate Director Energy & PowerFrost & Sullivan
  2. 2. Agenda1 AMI Introduction and Value Chain2 AMI Benefits & Features3 AMI Technology Trends & Evolution4Key Industry Challenges5 APAC Market Size and Cost breakdown6 Key Growth Countries and Market Dynamics 2 2
  3. 3. Legacy System vs AMI Systems Consumer MeteringUtility ElectricityUtility MeterCannotcommunicate One-way to/fromcommunicationconsumer Consumer Metering LAN WAN MDMSUtility HAN In home DisplaySmart RF MESHCDMA MDMSMeter PLC GSMUtilityBPLAMI Two-waycommunication 3
  4. 4. AMI Value chain ConsultantsSystem IntegratorsInstallation ContractorsHome AreaWide Area MDMS Smart Meter Network (HAN) Network (WAN)Zigbee, Home plugLocal AreaData collection & WiFi, Z-Wave, Network (LAN) Public/Private Process and storage Wavenis, RF mesh, PLC, BPL,Networkstore meter DigitalstromWiMax, GPRS data Major PlayersMajor Players Major PlayersMajor Players GE, Landis+Gyr, PRI, GridConnect, Freescale,Itron, eMeter,Itron, Elster, SSN, EKAElsterMicroChip SAP Systems, TrilliantMeter Vendors Communication VendorsIT VendorsSource: Frost & Sullivan 4
  5. 5. AMI Technology UpdateIT systemsData ManagementCommunication Network & application Server( Outage,serversTariffs, Geography) (GPRS, GSM, EDGE,RF,Power line) Meter Management Meter Data Management Source: Frost & Sullivan5
  6. 6. Advanced Metering Benefits Reduced Energy bills Reduced meter reading errorsReduced billing errorsReduced meter reading costsPrepayment optionHalf Hourly usage dataPhysical privacy for consumers 6
  7. 7. AMI Operational Benefits Avoided meter reading costs and field services are the two mainbenefits of AMISource: Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation, New York State Electric and Gas Company7
  8. 8. AMI Features1 Record at least Hourly Usage of data2 Remote reading and also ability to manually read3 Remote connection and disconnection4 Two-way communication and Communication path to in-home display5 Visual display on meter6 Meter settings reconfiguration (remote)7 Tamper detection8 Outage notification9 Prepayment option 10 Time of use 11 Load Control 12 Measurement of active/reactive energy flow (To allow for distributed generation) 8
  9. 9. AMI Technology EvolutionDemand ResponseOutageNotification Energy ManagementSystems Remote Connect/ Real time DisconnectTime of use communicationIn-HomeRemote meterDisplayreadingRemote Meter Configuration 2010 2011 2012 2013 20142015 2016 2017 201820192020Source: Frost & Sullivan.9
  10. 10. AMI Communication Technology OptionsCommunication is a vital factor for smart metersCommunication OptionsGPRS, GSM, SMS, RF MeshPower Line WIFI, DSL WIMAX, UMTSNetwork CarriersWavenis OpenSourceAlliance Source: Frost & Sullivan10
  11. 11. Technology Trends Communication TechnologyPenetration2010 20152020RF GPRS AMI TechnologiesPLC WiMAXLow Medium High Source: Frost & Sullivan 11
  12. 12. Advanced Metering - Industry ChallengesRisk on information security clouding consumers judgment Fear of losing power over load control by the utilities Initial upfront cost and cost recovery Issue of Stranded Assets and evolving technology Lack of Standard Protocols and Interoperability Source: Frost & Sullivan 12
  13. 13. AMI Roll out Cost breakdown for Projects Smart Meter and its installation form the majority of cost involved in AMI implementationSource: Frost & Sullivan13
  14. 14. Asia Pacific AMI Market Size Total APAC AMI market is expectedto generate a cumulative demand of41 million meter units by 2017 The market is estimated to generaterevenues of about US$12.5 billionfrom 2009 through 2017 Asia Pacific AMI Market size (USD million) The market is estimated to have a2500.002000.00 700.00% 600.00%CAGR of 69.32% for the period from % growthUSD million 500.00%1500.00400.00% 300.00%2009-20171000.00 200.00% 500.00 0.00 100.00% 0.00% The growth will be fuelled by AMIactivity in Australia, New Zealand,091011121314 15 16 17 20 20 20 20 20 20202020YearAsia Pacific AMI Market Size (USD millions) % grow thSouth Korea, Japan and Taiwan Source: Frost & Sullivan 14
  15. 15. Drivers and Restraints - AustraliaDriversRestraints 20102015 202020102015 2020Government Mandate Rapidly changing technologyEnhanced CustomerLack of standardsinformationOperational Efficiency Rising cost to consumersImpactHigh Medium Low Source: Frost & Sullivan.15
  16. 16. Australia Australia AMI market size - 32.6 million USD, 2009 3.26Victorian government is at theforefront of AMI roll outFirst to mandate the rollout of13.04 smart meters across the stateVictoria and New South Walesare scheduled to complete therollout by 2013Smart Meter Revenue Communication Network RevenueSource: Frost & Sullivan16
  17. 17. Drivers and Restraints New Zealand Drivers Restraints20102015 2020 201020152020Demand side participation Rapidly changingtechnologyCompliance deadline Lack of standardsof 2015Highly competitive &Ageing workforceDeregulated marketImpact High MediumLow Source: Frost & Sullivan.17
  18. 18. New ZealandNew Zealand AMI market size - 35 million USD, 2009 3.5 AMI rollout not regulated by the government An aggressive market-led 14rollout The main network technologies being deployed are RF mesh and GPRSSmart Meter RevenueCommunication Network RevenueSource: Frost & Sullivan18
  19. 19. Drivers and Restraints TaiwanDrivers Restraints 20102015 2020 201020152020Reduced energy wastage RegulationReduction in peak load Lack of standardsReduction in Green House Lack of fundingGas emissions Impact High Medium Low Source: Frost & Sullivan. 19
  20. 20. Taiwan Taiwan AMI market size - 0.25 million USD, 2009 0.03Taiwan moving at a fast pacefor smart meters and relatedcomponents 0.1Plans to enter theinternational market with itsproducts in the next 3-4 yearsAMI is in its pilot stage in Smart Meter RevenueCommunication Network RevenueTaiwan currentlySource: Frost & Sullivan 20
  21. 21. Drivers and Restraints South KoreaDrivers Restraints 20102015 2020 201020152020Energy SecurityRapidly changing technologyBoosting technology export Lack of standardsSmart grid implementationLack of private funding Impact High Medium Low Source: Frost & Sullivan. 21
  22. 22. South KoreaSouth Korea AMI market size - 25 million, 2009 2.5 South Korea plans to start installing smart meters nationwide by 2012 Lagging behind other 10developed nations in smart meter deployment (only 4% penetration)Smart Meter RevenueCommunication Network Revenue Power Line Carrier (PLC) is the main technology beingSource: Frost & Sullivan deployed 22
  23. 23. Drivers and Restraints Japan Drivers Restraints20102015 2020 201020152020Infrastructure for EVsNo clarity on technology todeployDeveloping new industries Efficient gridand enhanced servicesIntegration of renewableVertically integrated powerenergy into gridsuppliersImpact HighMedium Low Source: Frost & Sullivan.23
  24. 24. JapanJapan AMI market size 16 million USD , 2009 1.6 AMI activity is just beginning in Japan Kansai Electric has just started a planned 12 million smart meter rollout 6.4 Tokyo Electric is doing a pilot for 90,000 meters Smart Meter Revenue Communication Network Revenue Other utilities in the early stages of pilots/planningSource: Frost & Sullivan24
  25. 25. Key Growth Markets SEA/NA & PacificJapanMarket size of 4.16 billionUSD over the next 9 yearsCAGR of 85% from 2009-2017South Korea Market size of 3.15 billion USD over the next 9 years CAGR of 71% from 2009- 2017 TaiwanMarket size of 600 millionUSD over the next 9 yearsCAGR of 137% from 2009- Australia2017Market size of 4.02 billionUSD over the next 9 yearsNew ZealandCAGR of 70.45% from2009-2017Market size of 525 millionUSD over the next 9 yearsCAGR of 35% from 2009-Source: Frost & Sullivan2017 25
  26. 26. Summary of Key FindingsThe Asia Pacific advanced metering industry is in a nascent stage with rollouts expected to begin around 2011-2012The Asia Pacific AMI market will be worth US$12.5 billion through 2017 and is likely to grow at at a CAGR of 69.3%(2009-2017)The growth in AMI is fuelled by Australia/New Zealand in the short term & Korea, Japan and Taiwan in the long termSingapore is expected to begin rollout of AMI around 2015, with basic smart meter functionalityThailand , Malaysia and Philippines are currently focused only on automated meter reading capabilities forcommercial & industrial consumers. No plans yet for a large scale residential roll outSome of the key drivers for AMI in Asia Pacific include regulatory mandates, choice for customers, technologyupgrades, energy management and a move towards smart grids architectureMajor market restraints include financing issues, interoperability and lack of standards, limited experience &reference instatallation s for the technology, and justifying the cost-benefit of AMI roll out 26
  27. 27. Thank YouQ&A27
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