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Asia Pacific Region. Basic Geography Largest continent and largest ocean Tallest mountain to deepest ocean trench Largest country to smallest island nation Tundra to hot desert to tropical rainforest Most densely populated to least densely populated - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Asia Pacific Region

Asia Pacific RegionBasic GeographyLargest continent and largest oceanTallest mountain to deepest ocean trenchLargest country to smallest island nationTundra to hot desert to tropical rainforestMost densely populated to least densely populatedHuge language groups to small threatened languagesEconomic/political power to economic/political irrelevanceAncient cultures to recent colonisationsDiversity of landform, flora, fauna, peoples and culturesAsia 30% of earths land surface and 60% or the population - arctic to the equator, mainland, subcontinent and archipelago

Diversity of LandformsHighest mountains, cold high plateaux, huge river valleys, plains and deltas, cold dry inland deserts

Himalayas,Tibetan plateau, Hindu Kush high altitudes, harsh winters, glaciers, river source, climate control (monsoon)

Mountains, snow, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, fast flowing rivers and inhabited valleys

Many large rivers and plains that flood often resulting in damage but also new fertile soil for the intensive farming

Hot and cold deserts sand, rock and tundra

Volcanoes both active and dormant fertile soils and occasional natural disasters

Intensive agriculture, both commercial and subsistence. Rice the main food crop, commercial crops such as tea.

Megacities dual economies, crowding, shortage of land

Many cultures, ethnic groups, languages, customs, traditions, religions, food styles, architectural styles, histories

Pacific 30% of the world surface, an ocean of small islands, less than 1% of worlds population

Thousands of small islands and a few large low coral atolls, higher volcanic and continental islands

Movements of people into and across the Pacific

Language and cultural groupings


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