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Uniquely JTI We thrive on diverse thinking. So whatever your role, wherever you work, we’ll welcome your ideas and opinions, and let you express your personality. You’ll find a culture in which people challenge and inspire each other, and are constantly learning to improve the way they do their jobs. And while we seize today, our focus is always on tomorrow – because we know that if we look after the long-term interests of talented people, they’ll look after ours. Let’s grow together.


  • 1. Asia PacificAsia Pacific region of JTI

2. JTI Asia PacificAs well as being one of the worlds leading and most innovative tobacco companies, we are also an exciting and unique organisationto work for.In Asia Pacific, we bring together 1,900 people operating in 10 countries at present, our region has a vitally important and growingrole to play in our global success.10 Countries11 Offices1 Factory1,900 employeesRegional Office in Hong Kong Copyright JTI 2014 JTI Asia Pacific 2 3. JTI Asia employs 1900+ people3Country Total HeadcountMalaysia 633Korea 557Taiwan 269Philippines 181Singapore 104Thailand 50Hong Kong 49Vietnam 35Indonesia 34Cambodia 19Myanmar 41Total 1972JTI Asia Pacific32. 1.7 1.0 2.12.5MalaysiaKoreaTaiwanPhilippinesSingaporeThailandHong KongVietnamIndonesiaCambodiaMyanmar Copyright JTI 2014 4. JTI Asia Pacific 430.864. Boomers(1946-1964)Generation (by Birth Year) %Gen-Y (1982-2000) 30.8Gen-X (1965-1981) 64.2Baby Boomers (1946-1964) 5.0Average employee age is 36 years old Copyright JTI 201473.1% of our employees aremale and 26.9% female 5. 38 nationalities make up our team in AsiaNationality No. % Nationality No. %American 7 0.4 Kazakh 2 0.1Australian 6 0.3 Korean 536 27.2Austrian 2 0.1 Kyrgyzstani 1 0.1Belgian 2 0.1 Macedonian 1 0.1Brazilian 2 0.1 Malaysian 623 31.6British 10 0.5 Myanmar 37 1.9Cambodian 18 0.9 Polish 4 0.2Canadian 7 0.4 Portuguese 2 0.1Chinese 20 1.0 Romanian 2 0.1Dutch 2 0.1 Russian 6 0.3Filipino 183 9.3 Serbian 1 0.1French 3 0.2 Singaporean 93 4.7German 5 0.3 South African 4 0.2Greek 2 0.1 Swiss 7 0.4Hungarian 1 0.1 Taiwanese 256 13.0Indian 3 0.2 Thai 44 2.2Indonesian 30 1.5 Ukrainian 1 0.1Irish 3 0.2 Uzbekistani 2 0.1Japanese 18 0.9 Vietnamese 26 1.3JTI Asia Pacific 532271395221 1 1 124Malaysian Korean Taiwanese FilipinoSingaporean Thai Indonesian MyanmarJapanese Chinese Vietnamese CambodianOthers Copyright JTI 2014 6. JTI Asia Pacific 6Our valuesEnterprisingWe have the courage to do things differently. We work together to achieve our long-term goal. This leads to new ideas resulting in freshperspectives and innovation. This is fuelled by our creative energy and agile minds.OpenWe believe in openness and transparency in everything we do. Diverse cultures inspire us, knowledge informs us and integrity guides us.This means making the right decisions, earning us the reputation as the trusted voice of authority within our industry.ChallengingWe strive for continuous improvement. This means embedding quality into everything we do and never accepting second best. We set the standardswhich become benchmarks for the entire industry. This enables us to challenge the status quo and be ahead of the market a leader not a follower. Copyright JTI 2014 7. Our peopleAlfred GOH - Trade Marketing Manager, JTI SingaporeI have always been curious about the Tobacco industry andhow it markets itself given the extreme regulatory challengesit faces. When JTI offered me that opportunity, there was noturning back.JTI has a nurturing culture. I can perform to the best of myabilities because the company has an open policy that allowsme to walk up to just about anyone to seek advice andfeedback whenever I am in doubt. Team JTI has cultivated astrong sense of esprit de corps. This is probably due to itsstrict hiring and cultural policies that ensure the rightindividuals are put in place to contribute to the developmentand growth of the company.JTI takes its employees career seriously. I feel that JTI takesa long-term view on my tenure with the firm. JTI is outstandingin this aspect, putting their money where their mouth is,investing in its people.I am proud to be a JTI ambassador.Li Ting WANG - JUMP Management Trainee, JTI TaiwanUpon graduation, I was looking for positions that would fit myacademic background and allow me to develop internationally.Fortunately, I was offered a role in JTI Taiwan as a JUMPmanagement trainee which allows me to work in crossfunctional teams within the Asia region.During my assignment in Taiwan, I had the opportunity to workwith Key Accounts, General Trade and HORECA teams whichhelped me gain a holistic view of our channel management.I participated in special projects that gave me hands onexperience as well as opportunity to contribute. Irecommended steps to improve operational efficiencies andidentify opportunities for new product development. Thus far,my experience with JTI is definitely fulfilling and beyond myexpectations. JTI provides opportunities for employees todevelop their long-term career, both locally and globally. Copyright JTI 2014 JTI Asia Pacific 7 8. JTI Asia Pacific 8Our Graduate Programme JUMP Programme A regional graduate programme for JTI Asia Pacific. Instituted to increase our local management bench strength. A long term programme aimed at producing future leaders to fill markets talent pipeline. How does it work?Upongraduation,candidate willreturn to homemarket for 1stmanagerial roleCandidatehas 2 futureassignments inother markets(8 monthsrespectively)Candidatestarts 1st rolein own market(8 months)Recruitment ofgraduatecandidatecarried outlocallyLocal marketidentifiesfunctionalrequirements Copyright JTI 2014 9. Copyright JTI 2014 JTI Asia Pacific 9 10. EnterprisingOpenChallenging