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Industry Asia Pacific is the portal for Aisa technical engineers.


  • Asia PacificIndustry

    The industry magazine for Asia.April 2013 - Issue 02

    04 Balluff Smart Light instead of stack light.

    08 Canadian Natural resources automates oil and gas operations using PcVue

    25 WIDIA, higher turning productivity, lower costs across wide range of materials

    20 Reliable cleaning of New Yorks iconic Beekman Tower ensured by NORD

    06 De Dietrich offers a complete range of advanced and dedicated solutions.

    19 Norgrens new IVAC cylinder.

    23 Seco adds 8xD option to Crownloc Plus family of exchangeable-tip drills

  • table ofC O N T E N T S

    EPLAN EPLAN Data Portal on the up on an in-ternational...

    ARC INFORMATIQUE Canadian Natural resources automates oil and gas operations using PcVue Solutions...

    SECO TOOLS Tooling up for mould machining...

    KENNAMETAL Latest Tooling and Surfacing Technology Advance Ganassi and Kennametal Partnership...

    KEPWARE KEPServerEX Version 5.11

    NORD Compact, durable, robust: New worm gear unit series SMI from NORD.

    NORGREN Norgrens new IVAC cylinder offers OEMs and end users dramatic reduction in...

    BALLUFFFirst signal lamp with IO-Link

    PEPPERL+FUChS Solutions for Process Interfaces.




    26WIDIA Victory portfolio means higher turning productivity, lower costs across wide range...

    DE DIETRICh PolyAluminium Chloride

    TATA STEEL Modular platforms

    PEPPERL+FUChS Small, high-performance sensors for tight spaces.

    hMS Reducing operating costs of telecom base stations...

  • Industry Asia-Pacific 2-20134

    Balluff Smart Light instead of stack light

    The new IO-Link Smart Light from Balluff is equipped with all features for fundamentally revolutionizing the signal light sector. It is the first light that can be flexibly adapted to nearly every requirement without complex configuration via hardware. The otherwise typical costly combination of different-colored modules to form a light is no longer needed as this device can also be adapted to its new task ad hoc on-the fly via the controller. Even solutions that can be set by means of DIP switches are not much of an alternative as they cannot be changed during running operation.

    The Balluff Smart Light is a true multi-talent, as it can do much more than signal the system operator certain predefined operating states with just three colors. Even tendencies, developments and trends of physical values can be represented.

    Temperature states, fill levels of systems or even the position of a carriage via a position sensor system can be visualized on the column, which may be up to 20 LEDs tall.

    For connection and installation, just one simple, unshielded, three-wire sensor cable as is typical for IO-Link is needed, and already the LED signal column offers maximum functionality and previously unimagined possibilities with its three operating modes Stacklight, Level and Run.

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  • Industry Asia-Pacific 2-2013 5

    The Eplan Data Portal has grown massively since its launch in 2008. The number of manufacturers has in-creased to 48 - with component manufacturers Sick and Saia-Burgess among the new additions. Data and mac-ros relating to more than 225,000 parts can be simply imported into the project by means of Drag & Drop. This saves the time-consuming independent development of device macros. Users can benefit from standardized, up-to-date data and efficient configuration with no changes in media format. The Eplan Data Portal is a web-based portal which provides Eplan users with component data from numerous manufac-turers. The constantly expanding parts database now incor-porates more than 225,000 parts from 48 manufacturers. Sick, with around 800 records for reflector light sensors and light barriers, is one of the latest additions. Swiss manufac-turer Saia-Burgess is also represented with 260 records and macros in the portal. The controllers, modules and energy meters are an addition to the portal, as is the data from Aus-trian company Mersen, which has now incorporated its NH fuse circuit breakers. In 2012, the Eplan Data Portal has added

    around 12,000 new parts and 14,000 macros to the portfolio. This component database guarantees users time-saving configuration and standardized, high-quality, up-to-date data.On the up on an international scaleFor a few years, component manufacturers and Eplan have been working together to produce solutions to make engi-neering easier for customers. The Eplan Data Portal has now become a fixed part of configuration using Eplan solutions even beyond Europe.

    Solution provider Eplan sees one of the reasons in the data format, which incorporates not only order information and technical details on the components but also graphical and logical aspects for configuration purposes. This provides integrated data for product development. On its route towards internationalization, Eplan has collected over 43,000 registered users at more than 30,000 customers around the world. The portal is also increasing in popularity in North and South America, where it now has a significant market share. Expansion eastwards is also in full swing, going via Russia into Central Asia, where Eplan is hoping to provide a sus-tainable increase in quality in terms of norm-compliant data.

    EPLAN Data Portal on the up on an in-ternational scale: now 48 manufacturers, 43,000 users and 225,000 units of data

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  • Industry Asia-Pacific 2-20136

    PolyAluminium Chloride (PAC): Effective technology for water purification De Dietrich offers a complete range of advanced and dedicated solutions for PAC Producers South East Asia

    Polyaluminium Chloride, usually called PAC, is a fast growing coagulant used in water treatment. PAC is highly-efficient for the treatment of drinking water, swimming pool water, sewage and industrial effluents, as well as for paper processing. PAC offers numerous advantages in comparison to other mineral coagulants, including lower dosage requirement, less flocculent needed, reduction of sludge and sulfate concentration, effective at low temperatures, and a wide range of PH. De Dietrich, leveraging decades of experience as a leader in the water treatment industry, offers a wide range of solutions to PAC

    manufacturers. They produce all critical components related PAC and are not simply a manufacturer but also an engineering firm that has extensive knowledge on all aspects of this complicated process.

    The firm provides turn-key units which have been optimized to reduce maintenance and operation expenses and improve safety and productivity. In addition, De Dietrich offers a complete range of advanced and dedicated solutions for the Polyaluminium Chloride synthesis and its derivatives for different PAC productions: PAC 14%, PAC 18%, PACS 10%. Depending on the market requirement units can be sized from minimum 2,000kT per year

  • Industry Asia-Pacific 2-2013 7

    to up to 50,000 kT per year. If needed, the units can also be designed so aluminum sulfate can be produced so as to cover a wider range of coagulants. Die Dietrich offers a comprehensive service and product portfolio. They can offer basic and detailed engineering, supervision and assistance throughout all steps of the manufacturing process, and can procure glass-lined reactors, equipment, process control and automation, and valves and instrumentation. In addition they provide process optimisation through the use of the adapted Impeller Agitator and the D.e.Co.S. SystemThe return on investment of such units is around 2 years. The investment is particularly interesting when serving an area where PAC is not yet available or only transported from far away in solid form (Liquid PAC is significantly more efficient and easy to use for water treatment than solid PAC). With the expansion into the Southeast Asian Market, De Dietrich is the optimal solution for PAC manufacturers since all units can produced locally and do not need to imported from China or India. More Information

  • Industry Asia-Pacific 2-20138

    Canadian Natural resources automates oil and gas operations using PcVue Solutions from Arc Informatique.

    CNRL is measuring millions of tags and an approximate 800,000 I/O points within its primary operations. GE and Allen-Bradley PLCs, Fisher and Bristol Babcock RTUs are the major brands used throughout production. The pcVue SCADA is monitoring and providing pertinent data used by some 2,500 employees who need to access the information in some shape or form i.e., monitoring, reviewing, or maintaining data in real-time. Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), founded in 1989 and headquartered in Calgary, Canada, possesses a diversified combination of assets in North America, the North Sea and Offshore Africa and today is the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producer in the Canada. Delivering a balanced mix of

    natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, in situ oil sands production, oil sands mining and associated upgrading facilities, CNRL engages in the exploration and development of geographic areas for the production of natural gas and crude oil. The company operates its business through three primary reportable segments: Horizon oil sands production, thermal heavy oil, and conventional oil and gas. Within the last year, CNRL invested in a large scale automation project that primarily impacts the conventional oil and gas business that deals with the exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas.

    Canadian Natural Resources needed a better way to manage the process control and

  • Industry Asia-Pacific 2-2013 9

    monitoring of its 300 gathering stations, 800 compre