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<p>adidas Impossible is Nothing</p> <p>adidas Impossible is NothingDavid A. Ortegaadidas Challenges and GoalsImpossible is Nothing1With the company the size of adidas it is tough to narrow all of the challenges that the company have. I have narrowed them down to the three I believe would be in the best interest of adidas to fulfill. The first is being more competitive in the shoe and appeal industry, the second is to keep building credibility with consumers, and the third is to be more environmental. </p> <p>Two major goals that adidas has set for itself is to reduce their environmental footprint by 15 percent by 2015 and adidas plans on use sustainably produced cotton for all of its products by 2018. Talking pointsChallenges:1Show Me Your StyleImpossible is Nothing2Show Me Your Style is a campaign that incorporates sports and music and creativity. adidas will have show their style by submitting videos of themselves showing their best moves, dunks, tricks, beats, and voices. Contestants will submit their videos to a sub page of the official adidas website. There will be separate athletes and recording artist to submit for. The celebrities adidas will be using will be Derrick Rose, Brook Lopez, Dwight Howard, Lionel Messi, Kaka, B.o.B., Katy Perry, and Eric Berry. These celebrities will be the judges of the videos that were submitted to their name.adidas Social Media Impossible is Nothing3</p> <p>Consumers of adidas are people that enjoy a quality product. This is showed on their social media networks, with millions likes on facebook and followers on twitter. These are perfect outlets to advertise Show Me Your Style. adidas BlogImpossible is Nothing4</p> <p>Blogging is a powerful tool and adidas plans on using that power to its advantage. adidas can use well recognized blogs for adidas to promote Show Me Your Style. These blogs can spread the word and upload some of their favorite videos.adidas EventImpossible is Nothing5For Show Me Your Style, adidas will need to incorporate more than just athletes and musicians into this campaign. So why not throw an event for the artist as well. Have them created posters, flyers, and a logo for Show Me Your Style and the winner will get $10,000. Not only will they win money but well use their designs for the outdoor advertisements and gorilla marketing. adidas TimelineImpossible is Nothing6</p> <p>The months in yellow will be the months where will will advertise via television, outdoor, and gorilla marketing around college campuses. The months that are in green will be the months that the eight winners will get their chance to meet their choosen endorser and their winning video will be advertised on the adidas social media and the blog. adidas Budget$1.1 Million$50,000 adidas Event$100,000 Gorilla Marketing$640,000 Television Advertising $200,000 Outdoor$10,000 Event Winner$100,000 expenses for winners</p> <p>Impossible is Nothing7Measuring SuccessImpossible is Nothing8Measuring success across different mediums Number of videos submitted Number of likes on facebook Number of entries for the artist event Number of blog comments/visits</p> <p>ResourcesImpossible is Nothing9</p> <p>Q &amp; AImpossible is Nothing10Thank you for your time and I can take any questions you have about my campaign</p>