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Adidas, one of the leading sports brands in the world And shoemaker from a small town in Germany develops of sports products so original and so perfect And Today Adidas is one of the worlds leading brands, recognized and respected And Many More At Fibre2fashion


About Adidas

Adidas, one of the leading sports brands in the world, turned 60 on 18th august 2009. It still seems an unlikely story: a modest shoemaker from a small rural town in Germany develops a range of sports products so original and so perfect that they are sought by athletes from all over the world. As he indulged his passion for sport and for innovation, he created a brand as great as any in the world. An unlikely story, but not an impossible one.Becasue for him Impossible was nothing. For Adidas, it all started with shoes. Shoes to play in. Shoes to play better in. Shoes to win in. Shoes that, one day, would tread wembley and Wimbledon, win medals at the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. Athletes would wear them, record-breakers, and champions. Today, Adidas is one of the worlds leading brands, recognized and respected. Passion, authenticity, innovation, inspiration, honesty and commitment that is what Adidas means. Above all, it is the stories that made Adi Dasslers idea and principle no athlete left behind come to life on the biggest sports stages around the world.

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Adidas History

Adolf Dassler was inspired by a single idea when he made his first shoes in 1920, at the age of just 20. His vision was to provide every athlete with the best footwear for his respective discipline. It was this principle that guided him right up until his death in 1978. 700 patents and other industrial property rights worldwide are proof of his permanent quest for perfection. His first shoe, made from the few materials available in the difficult post-war period, was produced from canvas. A passionate athlete himself, from the very beginning Adi Dassler was in close contact with sports participants and was always present in person at important sports events. Adi Dassler focused his work on the classic disciplines of track and field. Athletes wore special shoes from his workshop for the first time at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. In the mid 1920s he was already experimenting with spikes. In the mid 1930s Adi Dassler was already making 30 different shoes for eleven sports, and he had a workforce of almost 100 employees. In less than two decades adidas advanced to become the worlds leading sports shoe manufacturer. After the turmoil of the Second World War, Adi Dassler made a fresh start. In 1947, with 47 workers, he began putting into practice the knowledge gained from the pre-war period and also new ideas. Adi Dassler made the first post-war sports shoes using canvas and rubber from American fuel tanks. In 1948 he introduced adidas as the company name, a combination of his own first and last name. One year later he registered the - to this day - unmistakable Three Stripes. The breakthrough came for Adi Dassler when Germany won the Soccer World Cup in 1954. In the legendary Final against Hungary, the German team wore boots with screw-in studs by adidas. Parallel to the rapid developments in sport, Adi Dassler strove to specialize and optimize his products. Adi Dassler was the first entrepreneur to use sports promotion in order to make the public aware of his innovations. He started using well-known athletes as advertising for his products. Many famous athletes such as Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Max Schmeling, Sepp Herberger and Franz Beckenbauer counted themselves among the friends of the Dassler Family.

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Adidas Leadership The Executive Board is composed of four members who reflect the diversity and internationality of the Group. Each member is responsible for a major business area within the Group. Herbert Hainer CEO

Mr. Herbert Hainer was Born in 1954 in Dingolfing (Bavaria),and holds a Degree in Business Studies. Prior to Adidas he was working with Procter and Gamble as a Division Manager Sales and Marketing. He Joined Adidas in 1987 and held the responsibility as the sales Director Hardware (Bags, Rackets, Balls) and later the portfolio was altered to (Footwear, Textiles, Hardware). Further he served as the National sales director between 1991 till 1993; during 1996-1997 he became the Senior Vice President Region Europe, Africa, Middle East. From Jan 2001 till March 2001 he was the deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, He became the CEO of Addidas AG* In march 2001.He has been a member of the executive since march 1997 and was raised to the Position of Deputy chairman Of the board. Glenn Executive Board Member of Addidas AG (Responsible for Global Operations) Bennett

Born In 1963 in N/new Hampshire, USA Mr. Glenn Bennett holds a degree in computer science. Prior to Addidas he was working with Reebok International Ltd. from 1983 to 1993 where he lastly held the position of Director of Worldwide Development. During 1993 to 1994 he was the head of world wide development at Addidas AG and later became the senior vice president of footwear operations. Currently Mr. Glenn Bennett is the Member of the executive Board responsible for global operations.

Robin J. Executive Board Member of Addidas AG (Responsible for finance)


Mr. Robin J. Stalker was born in 1958 in Palmerston North, New Zealand and is a Chartered Accountant responsible for financial operations. Prior to Adidas Mr.Robin J.Stalker has worked for Arthur Young as an accountant during 1982 1986,later he moved on to work with united International pictures as a controller, and also was at Warner Bros. International as the Director of Operations during 1989-1992. He also has worked as a Self Employed Consultant with clients including UCI / Hewitt Group It was only during 1996-1997 that he finally joined Adidas Ag as the Head of Corporate Services / Reporting and later became the Vice President Group Reporting & Taxes during 1999 2000. Read More..

Adidas Brand Philosophy Brand Values

Sharing the grand vision of the group, Adidas strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry living with a passion to build a sporting lifestyle. The brand is very consumer focused and therefore they continuously improve the quality, look, feel and image of their products and organizational structures to match and exceed consumer expectations by providing them the highest value. With immense innovations and leadership in design the brand always seeks to help athletes of all skill levels achieve peak performance with every product they bring to the market. As a global brand Adidas is socially and environmentally responsible, creative and financially rewarding for their employees and shareholders. Holding strong commitments the brand continuously tries to strengthen its competitive position and products in the market. Dedicated to consistently deliver outstanding financial results, the brand has always retained the expectations of its fans world over. Working with an Endeavour to devote itself fully to the sport culture and giving it a global flavor of fashion and style, the brand works out 3 major lines which are Adidas Performance, Adidas Original and Adidas style. Adidas Sport Performance The guiding principle of the adidas Sport Performance Division is to equip all athletes to achieve their impossible. adidas Sport Performance brings its passion for great products to athletes in all sports and mainly focuses on four key categories globally:football, running, training and basketball. Adidas Original Personal collections,innovative style,groundbreaking fashion.Orginals by original is the sum of all three,pure celebration of originality in footwear and apparel. From born originals like Mark Gonzales and Nike Nastase, to the music and style of Missy Elliot and Run DMC, to true champions like David Beckham and Stan smith the three stripes has been there since the very beginning. Read More..

Adidas Sport Performance The guiding principle of the adidas Sport Performance Division is to equip all athletes to achieve their impossible. adidas Sport Performance brings its passion for great products to athletes in all sports and mainly focuses on four key categories globally:football, running, training and basketball.

Following the core idea that still drives the brand to achieve he impossible and beyond the performance division has three major areas to focus,which includes the major featured projects like Chelsea FC,Brotherhood,Adidas by stella Mccartney,te famous F50i and the luxurious porsche design sport. While catering to the sports world the performance division has made many successfull contributions to major some of the most admired sports of all the times like basketball,football,golf,tennis,runnning,adidas by stella mccartney,training and even more like yoga. Adidas performance has even gone beyond when it comes to delivering quality to sports,other then the regular deliverables adidas has gone one step beyond and has introduced rabges of body are products,eyewear,and watches. Helping the indivisuals by making their dreams personal,With mi adidas and mi coach adidas has regularly tried to make the design commmunication interactive.

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Adidas Original Personal collections, innovative style, groundbreaking fashion. Orginals by original is the sum of all three,pure celebration of originality in footwear and apparel. From born originals like Mark Gonzales and Nike Nastase, to the music and style of Missy Elliot and Run DMC, to true champions like David Beckham and Stan smith the three stripes has been there since the very beginning.

Original Moments With Adidas Family Catch the Glimpses.... Jeremy scott As usual,jeremy scott delivers a jaw-dropping collection of wild styles that are beyond comparison.He touches on the themes of africa,safari and wait for this one television test patterns to create a package for guys and girls that is as equally twisted as it is mesmerizing. Kazuki

Kazuki is the embodiment of japanese streetwear design.his collection of classic sportswear silhoutte coupled with technical finishing and materials leaves not a single detail missed.from futuristic waterproofing and ventilation systems to artisan level closure systems while keeping the overall look chic and refined. Beckham and Bond David beckham is an intenational trendsetter,the style icon has been a part of the adidas family for a long time. He paired up with James Bond and developed a range of american street wear collection that is luxurious and comfortable,chic and sporty properly reflecting the LA lifestyle.

We are the originals

Recent inductee to the rock and roll hall of fame,DMC,teamed up with japanese beatboxer of fresh flows with an exclusive performance at the house party. Afra rocked a beat while DMC delivered this once in a lifetime rendition of My adidas The Ting tings paint party The ting tings played an exclusive free gig for fans in their hometown of manchester on Friday the 27th of februay.The venue was an all white space and every fan who attended was given a full white adidas originals tracksuit.The duo,armed wih paint guns,invited fasns to interact creativity with paints and pen coveringthe entire space with explosion of color and creating a music and art spectical. A living and breathing mural. Read More..

Adidas style The Sport Style Division is the home of Originals, defined as authentic sportswear, the Fashion Group, which is the future of sportswear, and Style Essentials, the fresh sport-inspired label made accessible for style-adopting youth. Together they offer consumers products from street fashion to high fashion, all uniquely inspired and linked to sport.

Y-3 The Y Stands for Yohji Yamamoto, the 3 represents Adidass three signature stripes and the sign signifies the bond shared between the two. October 2002 saw the birth of a new cooperation in sports and fashion with the launch of the spring summer 2003.Y-3 mens and womens collection. The collaboration between renowned Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and the authentic sports brand Adidas has revolutionized the industry and created a new category within fashion, Addidas represents sports, Yohji Yamamoto represents design both symbolize true craftsmanship and together they have developed the future of sportswear, with an emphasis on form and movement, Yohji Yamamotos signature design aesthetic is combined with traditional Japanese tailoring. While a utilitarian inspiration is evident throughout each collection, Y-3 possesses a technical feel on unexpected silhouettes to provide contemporary sportswear with a unique look. In 2009, Y-3 is celebrating 60 years of iconic three stripes. Read More..

Adidas Brand Evolution Evolution The Archive of Success

With a heritage going back to 60 years and a product history that is prolific, varied and historic this archive provides rare glimpses of the evolution of the brand that has become global sporting and cultural mainstay. Right from the beginning Dassler passion to help individual realize their dream was the main driving force that made Adi push all the boundaries and go beyond to achieve the impossible. With shoes like super star and samba becoming an integral par of everydays life the brand has become the focal point of sports fashion everywhere. This is not just the evolution of a brand or a company this is the evolution story of individuals who dared to dream, how adidas backed them with consistent technical support have become the moment to watch out today.

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Adidas Iconic products Story of technical excellence

Super grip (1964)

The super grip first appearing in 1964 was the forerunner to the superstar and shares many of the instantly recognizable characteristics that gave the historic shell toe the status of cultural icon thats still ongoing today. Featuring a plain sock liner, harder leather synthetic lining in the heels cushioned insoles and multifunctional tread soles, the super grip was relatively technically advanced compared to the other models at the time and quickly established itself in the market due to its high level of versatility. Even after the introduction of its big brother the superstar the shoe continued to sell well as and affordable alternative to its more expensive shell toed successor. The model displayed here is the earliest known incarnation of the super grip and displays all the legendary characteristics of the model. Samba (1965) Originally introduced in 1962, the samba was the first football-training shoe developed specifically for frozen pitches but quickly evolved to become the dominant indoor football shoe for players world wide. The samba pictured here is from circa 1965 and features a distinctive toe guard, sleek kid leather, lower stitching on the side of the sole and shoehorn, leather lining in the heels cushioned insoles and clip for the laces. Another technical highlight was the holes cut from the soles of the shoe to provide greater traction on indoor football shoe.

This level of detailing ensured the ongoing popularity of the shoe and the samba is still arguably the most recognizable football silhouette in the world. The samba has gone on to outgrow its original purpose as a training shoe earning a special relevance among the football fan culture and becoming a modern day street classic in its own right. Tokio (1966)

Initially conceived and intended as a reasonably priced school sports shoe, the Tokio quickly became thought of as a leisure shoe and rapidly gained a following among both the style conscious and fashion led. The tokio was part of the 6-vseries that also included notable models like the Japan hobby and Nippon. The bootleg model pictured is constructed from surface calf leather and has simple lining, keeping in line with the minimal aesthetics of the model. The vulcanized outer sole with the minimal Aesthetics of the model. The vulcanized outer sole is made from a durable rubber and the model pictured features a border that is not present in later models. Spezial (1968) Coinciding with the dawn of the open era was a rise in the number of artificial surfaces that games of the tennis were being played on. This led to seek out the services of current world number 1, Rod Laver to develop a shoe that could stand up to the rigors of the new surfaces and the beginnings of the Spezial were born. The bootleg pictured is an early developed model and features an upper constructed of a permeable mesh for maximum breathability and toe box and tongue made of smooth leather to ensure comfort. The outsole and midsole are both constructed from a durable rubber to provide maximum traction on the new synthetic surfaces that were coming into play. Laver continued to test the shoes and push further development of the Spezial with the final result being the launch of his own rod laver collection in 1970.

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Adidas Inspiring Stories 60 years of adidas the stories that still inspire us today

The Decades

1949 1959

On August 18th, 1949, Adi Dassler first registered adidas in the commercial register (Handelsregister) in Frth (near Herzogenaurach). The official name of the company back then was Adolf Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik. First used in 1949, the 3-Stripes would not stay confined to their birthplace Herzogenaurach but started their victory lap around the world early on to become the most famous symbol and key identifier of adidas.

It might not have looked pretty, but when you win three gold medals in seven days, no one cares about pretty. With his tongue hanging out while running, Emil Ztopek gained the nickname The Czech Locomotive during the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games due to this unique, and not very beautiful, running style. But choosing running fast over looking good was a good move as his unbelievable achievement, winning gold in the 5,000m, 10,000m and marathon within a week, remains untouched until this day.

Originally developed in the 1950s for frozen pitches, the Samba quickly evolved to become the dominant indoor Football shoe for players worldwide. With its distinctive toe guard, lower stitching on the side of the sole and shoehorn, leather lining in the heel, cushioned insoles and clips for laces, the Samba is not only one of the most recognizable football silhouettes in the world, but also a modern-day street classic. Read More..


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