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  • ABDUL AZIZ BIN ANSARI Address: 678 Woodlands Ave 6 #08-720 S(730678) Mobile No.: +65 9384 6524 Marital Status: Single Email: abdulazizaa3007@gmail.com Date of Birth: 30th July 1992 Nationality: Singaporean PROFILE

    Outgoing personality and highly motivated. Highly effective in both leadership, support positions and driven to succeed. - Highly competent in working in a fast-paced environment and multi-tasking, with the ability to excel under pressure. - A strict goal-setter. - Keen on gaining new knowledge and apply the given. - Good communication skills and the ability to give clear instructions. - Ability to lead a team to accomplish the given task.


    - Performed the role of a Manager on shift at Starbucks. - Rose to a management position in the company after 2 years of joining. - Undertook various management responsibilities to ensure smooth

    operations of the outlet during shift.


    - Able to dictate working expectations, develop and revise new working

    models or template for implementations. - Led the training and development of incoming trainees. - Ensured weekly/monthly key performance indicators are met.

    Communication Skills

    - People oriented and cooperative towards others. - Creative in his methods to mitigate various problems. - Ability to bridge the gap between the staff and management.


    November 2013 November 2015: Singapore Armed Forces (ARMY)

    Transport Leader

    - Instruct the transport operators on their daily tasking. - Vehicle maintenance for quarterly maintenance. - Management of monthly mileage. - Planning of schedule with the least hindrance.

    Reason for leaving: Completion of National Service term

  • May 2011 October 2013: Starbucks Singapore Shift Manager / Barista Supervisor reporting to Store Manager

    - Manages with weekly stock ordering. - Ability to plan and organize the current shift to sustain until the next shift. - Maintained and improved food and beverage profits. - Handled cash float and petty cash, ensuring there are no shortages to hand

    over to the next shift in charge. - To brainstorm and implement new promotions. - Led training and development of incoming trainees.

    Reason for leaving: Call up for National Service

    April 2010 June 2011: Swensens Singapore

    Service Crew reporting to Restaurant Manager

    - Be familiar with different kinds of cards and mode of payments - Ensured speed and accuracy of order. - Able to provide service in a courteous and efficient manner while

    maintaining a clean work area. - And other responsibilities and duties assigned by the superiors.

    Reason for leaving: To look for a better prospect and opportunities.


    - Basic Safety Training, Personal Survival Techniques (Singapore Polytechnic) - Completion of Electronic Circuit Prototyping (Republic Polytechnic) - Transport Specialist Cadet Course (Silver Bayonet Award) (SAF)

    Co-Curriculum Activities

    Singapore Polytechnic - Rock Climbing and Sepak takraw Admiralty Secondary School - Track & Field, Soccer and Rugby


    Diploma in Marine Engineering (2013) Singapore Polytechnic Cambridge GCE O Level (2008) Admiralty Secondary School


    Microsoft Office