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analysis of rope


  • 1. 9 shot analysis rope

2. The film starts off with a high angle shot of the location and natural lighting is used which doesntreally fit in with typical thriller theme. It shows that it is set in the city as people and cars arepassing by doing their everyday things; this opening doesnt give much away that the film is goingto be a thriller. 3. The tile looks like it has been scratched on with blood and the colour red usuallyconnotes anger, violence, danger , death, blood, sin and pain which shows that themovie is a typical thriller as it suggests that there is murder/killings in the film. Thesize of the font shows the significance of the word rope in the film as it plays a partlater on in the film. 4. In this shot the face is not shown of the person who is strangling the man. Thiscreates an enigma and mystery and the man is wearing gloves which shows heknows what hes doing or has maybe done it before and maybe feels guilty andimmoral because he doesnt want his fingerprints on the man. It also createssuspicion as the curtains are drawn as he doesnt want anyone to know/see whathes up to. The rope clearly plays a role as he is using it to strange the man, anduse it as a weapon to maybe kill his next victims. The lighting is very dark/dimwhich also adds to the suspense. 5. In this shot the lighting is very dark/dim as you cant see much ofwhat is around them which again adds mystery and suspicion.Also the character has his back to the audience which couldsuggest he is a secretive character and that maybe he is hidingsomething. 6. This shot a long shot is used which shows that the character looks confidentas hes swinging the rope around in a looped shape as if hes about to killsomeone with it. Also it is disturbing that he is playing around with the ropewhich shows his amorality because he doesnt have a guilty conscience. 7. In this scene the character takes his pocket gun out andputs it back into his pocket as if he preparing to killsomeone or planning to kill someone at the other side ofthe door. 8. In this shot you cant see the face of the character which createsan enigma code. Also hes twisting the rope in his hands andplaying with it as if hes deciding who his next victim is going tobe 9. In this cut in it shows the struggle between bothcharacters as both of them are fighting over the gun whichgives the viewer the sense that someone is going to gethurt.