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  • My production companies logos are very basic and I think they need improvement, I am going to animate them by making the eye blink. I am also going to try and make the words death house pictures actually bleed or drip as a animation. This is similar to the production companies shown at the beginning of The Possession professional trailer. The Lions gate production titles are animated in the sense that the clouds move.

    This pan upwards of the house and pan around these bedrooms is rather shaky as I was having trouble using the tri-pod it is likely I am going to have to go back here and re-shoot this.

    This shot is far too dark, I may be able to lighten it up in final cut however it is likely that I may have to re-shoot this shot.

    When watching this scene back it looks very acted out and not very believable and real, I may scrap this shot altogether yet but if I do happen to use it then I am going to have to re-shoot it with better actors.

    These shots all are quite good but they are sometimes on a angle and looks un-professional, also these shots are very repetitive so I may end up taking some out. I am going to have to re-shoot this and do it with a tri-

    This shot is far too dark although some people have told me it works well this way, I am unsure weather I am going to have to re-shoot it yet or maybe I can lighten the shot in final cut.

    This is my animated film title and I am very pleased with it although I have only just realised I have spelt possession wrong. I am going to have to re-open this in after effects and correct it.

    Overall I think my trailer so far is good although there is massive room for improvement, I am going to have to correct a lot of things that I have pointed out here in or-der for it to reflect professional practice. One of my main concerns was that the narrative was unclear through my trailer so far although this could be because my sound mix hasn't been added yet and this in some way tells or hints at the storyline. Once my final rough cut trailer has been created with my sound mix in it I am going to show the trailer poster and magazine cover to the target audience and ask for feed-back on what they think about the products. I think this will allow me to build on my own criticism as well as my teachers in order for me to create better products.