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  • 1. The opening title sequence starts straight in with the music. There is a sans serif text and a grainy film shot. This I think gives the impression of prison and possibly crime because the letters look to me like they could be the bars of a prison. The colours are dull and beige. The connotation for this to me would be again an impression of confinement as you mainly see these types of colours in old run down prisons again this is from my cultural back ground so I would understand this link a bit better because being born in England we are used to this sort of colour scheme to associate with this because of our western culture.

2. The first filming shot is a slow zoom shot and there is a man with his shirt off. The connotations could be that he is a powerful man because his muscles are showing as he is without a shirt. The Man is standing alone. The connotations of this is that he could be that he is an outcast or prefers not to have company, you also get the feeling he could be the kind of person who is a nobody. The only lighting is coming from a backlight which we presume is the sun as it is coming through the window but it is also going through a rag and causing scattered light. The connotations of the scattered light could be that this place is quite a dark place as that is what you associate torn black objects with also that this man wont have much money. 3. Here you have the title of the film. It is in the sans serif font and in the same beige yellow colours. This title looks as though it could connotations prison criminal sort of feeling because of the bar like text and the colours being dark and dirty it makes you think of bad people. There is a block of light behind the character figure. The connotations of this are that it could be an explosion from a gun which could then link to the slight blood splatter on the characters shoulder. The character is standing in a position holding guns in either hand. The connotations of this is that this man is very dangerous and he is ready for a fight, also his stance shows that he doesnt sort of care whats going to happen to him as he is going into a fight without protective clothing. The Character figure is animated. Connotations of this is that the characters muscles are more defined which gives the character a lot more power about himself. The sound is also that of a film reel spinning round and this relates to the grainy effect of the animation. 4. The animated character in this shot goes into the real life character in a smooth transition. The connotations of this are that you could say the comic strip has ended and now we are into real danger. The man is wearing a suit and tie, the connotations of this is that he is a suitably well off man but with the look on his face he is a man in power. You find out this is the man who has been narrating the story so far so obviously he is a man with a lot of useful knowledge. With the music still going you know there will still be more info coming up. The dull colours are changing from yellow brown to dark greys and dark browns. 5. The back lighting is very strong in this through the windows in contrast to the man in the middles black suit and sunglasses. Connotations of this are that he is an important man and the men in front could be body guards. The Sun glasses and tie are different to the men in front it makes him stand out more. Connotations of this could be that he wants to look good yet at the same time conceal his identity from people as not to get to close and possibly link to the stereotypical gang lord of a mob. The narrating in the background also tells us he is a high up and important person within possibly the mafia or a mob of some kind. Also with the Narrating you have the diegetic sound of the men walking. 6. A wide shot from the camera to get everything in .Not much back lighting but a lot of side lighting, highlighting the run down building site on the building. There is a man standing up on a higher floor with a folder. This could show that he could be a business man or considering that its a building site , an estate agent. He is lit up by he lighting and is high up, this could mean he could give someone something good as you could refer the position to some sort of heavenly reference with the light shining on him. The credits are in a blocky font, which goes well with the bricks. They fit it into the building work this shows to the audience that they can still see them but they are not in the way of whats going on. The sound has gone from the non-diegetic sound of the narrator to the diegetic sound of this man speaking in the building site. 7. This camera shot wipes across different shots of London showing all of London. This tells the audience t is going to be set here. The big buildings could give connotation of some wealth possibly from some characters and that it is going to be about property. By showing the vastness of London it makes the audience feel quite small as they might think they will have to understand whats going on everywhere in London. Also with the narrating going on in the back ground they might feel a little bit alienated as he is breaking the fourth wall by speaking to them. All lighting is natural lighting by the looks of it to give the picture of typical not so special London. 8. This scene you have to man talking with a businessman behind his desk. The amount of paper on the desk could give connotation that he is a busy man and has been doing lots of work. The book case behind him would suggest that he is a well-educated man so it tells us as the audience he should be capable of what these men want doing. The man might be well known for his success, as the two men look rather relaxed as he talks. There is low key back lighting but quite a lot of side lighting which shows the expression on his face more which is always giving the audience information on how the meeting is going. The credits slide across the bottom of the over the shoulder shot still being concealed that you can still watch the businessmen but bright enough for you to notice it. This could show the director wants a lot of the people who worked on the film to be recognized and get their names known. 9. In this shot the two men are looking depressed and unhappy. This tells us as the audience that maybe something went wrong in the building planning and they are in a dilemma. The back lighting is very bright and this emphasises the characters in the foreground that arent in much light and blurs out the men in the background putting the main focus on the two characters at the front. The sound is diegetic as it is just the hustle and bustle of the place and the two characters talking. They are slumped in their chairs which tell us as the audience that they have given up and cant really do much more. 10. Here you have an over the shoulder shot of the two characters talking with the main important character Lenny. Lenny is in the centre of the shot and this gives him the main focus. Because of this the audience can see his expression more clearly and he obviously doesnt look happy. Connotations are that he is upset that the characters havent done something and he is having to compromise. The lighting is made to seem very natural and the grey clouds form the background of a stereotypical Britain. The two men in the background are standing upright on looking. Connotations of this are that they are his guards to make sure nothing goes wrong. 11. The final shot after the meeting. It is made to look as though it is natural lighting. The shot is a medium close up with Lenny in the focus more. This could be because he has a higher social rank than Archie sat next to him and that he is talking so the audience focus on Lenny more. The expression on Archies face is that of concern, this tells the audience that he wasnt really happy with what happened. In contrast to Lennys face which is stone cold of expression and emotion, this tells us that he doesnt really care and its just business. The sunglasses are a clever use as to conceal his identity as the audience you dont feel as though you quite know him unless you can see the characters eyes. The interior of the car is leather and this again suggests the wealth of the character Lenny. The fact that the intro is ended is brought about by the final credit of the director over the big man Lenny, this shows importance and the introduction is over.