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A detailed analysis of the 1 st2minutes (scene 1) of step up 2. The film starts off with a long shot in aprestigiousdance studio , where you can see a group of dancers preparing to dance. 3. It then goes to ablack out 4. We then have acontrasting shotin a different location , with another group of dancers preparing to dance 5. The camera thencuts awayback to the prestigious dancers, I feel the director chose to do this toemphasise the contrast of the two lifestyles but yet they still do similar hobbies 6. The extreme difference ofmis en scenein this case costume becomes apparent as the shotscutaway , you can see in this clip the dancers are dressed in more sporty, loose street like clothing whereas the dancers are in tight clothing and ballet shoes 7. We have amedium close upof the dancers feet and the title appears 8. We have anothermedium close upthis time of the street dancers feet, I feel the director chose this way as it makes thecontrastbe seen more clearly as you see one after the other. 9. We haveneutral lightingin the prestigious dance studio to represent thesoftnessof the dance moves that the dancers are portraying. 10. However when we cut back to the street dancers it is night time so everything appearsdark and mysterious , the fact that some of the dancers have hats and hoods on also shows and represents the mysteriousness of their character, whereas the contemporary dancers dont wear as many layers which be a representation of how much of their character they are willing to share through dance. 11. Themusicis the same in both scenes, this could mean that no matter how different certain things are such as lifestyles, there can be that one things that makes them similar or bring them together, in this case it is the music 12.

  • So at the end of the 1 stscene we can already see some themes ;
  • Dance
  • Different lifestyles
  • Expression through dance
  • The streets
  • Middle class lifestyle
  • What unites them
  • It is asuccessful openingas the audience are automatically aware of what the film will be about yet the audience are still to meet theprotagonist and antagonistetc so they areintriguedinto finding out what happens next