5 Critical Steps To Mapping Your Optimal Customer Journey

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  • Synthesize, Ideate + DesignPhase 1

    Customer DefinitionPhase 2

    Experience MappingPhase 3

    Moments ofTruthPhase 4

    Experience DesignPhase 5

    Experience MonitorResearch + AnalysisMeasurementtouchpoint mappingneed state analysisemotional state analysis-segmentation-narrative insight -analytical -cultural -structural-differentiators-loyalty drivers-priorities-roi-concept-prototype-validate-ideation-measurement-dashboardour customer journey approach who are our best customers?what is their current brand experience?what touchpoints most impact success?what is the ideal experience?are we delivering the ideal experience?

  • Customer DefinitionExperience MappingMomentsof TruthExperience DesignExperience MonitorStrategic QuestionsApproachDeliverablesWho are our best customers/prospects?What is their current experience?How can I make their experience exceptional?Are we delivering the desired experience?What touchpoints most impact success?Customer InterviewsIntercept StudiesEthnographyAnalytical ResearchText MiningTouchpoint Performance DashboardExperience DashboardCustomer PersonasArchetype VideoTouchpoint Priority RankerTouchpoint ROI Analysis

    Situational AnalysisTouchpoint MapPurchase Cycle MapDay In The Life MapExperience Creation WorkshopImplementation StrategyCost Benefit AnalysisTouchpoint GuidelinesOperational IdeasIdea PresentationRollout Plan

    Segmentation AnalysisProspect AnalysisCustomer Lifetime Value AnalysisSituation Reviewcustomer journey defined Experience Design MappingConcept definition/testingOperation/business processes reviewCustomer InterviewsImportance Ranking AnalysisFinancial Impact Projection

    Benchmark ScoringQuarterly Tracking