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CX Journey Mapping Workshops. Overview. Fundamentals of Learning a New Approach One Step at a Time. { Goals }. CX Journey Mapping. Learn a hands-on approach to identify the “Four I’s”: Insights – clear understanding of customer needs Impact – clear focus on the resulting business value - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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CX Journey Mapping WorkshopsOverview

Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.com

Fundamentals of Learning a New ApproachOne Step at a TimeOracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.com2{ Goals }Learn a hands-on approach to identify the Four Is:Insights clear understanding of customer needsImpact clear focus on the resulting business valueIssues/Opportunities whats getting in the way, or could be improved, in order to meet customer needsInnovate design solutions that deliver both customer and organizational value CX Journey Mapping

Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.com3

CX Journey Mapping Workshop. SummaryCX Workshops are designed for business leaders, CX professionals, innovators and change-agents.

Participants gain hands-on experience mapping customer journeys, diagnosing customer experience issues, identifying opportunities and moments that matter, and designing experiences that deliver both customer and business value.

Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.com4CX Journey Mapping WorkshopTimeSection & Format45 minINTRODUCTIONCase study (power of experiences)Crash course in journey mappingFacilitator120 minJOURNEY MAPPING ACTIVITYConstruct journey mapsEvaluate experience issues & opportunitiesRe-imagine & re-design experiencesFacilitatorCoachesBreakout groups of 5-715 minTAKING IT HOMEFacilitated discussionQ&AFacilitator+ Domain / Industry ExpertExample Agenda (3.5 hours)

Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.comGet started with a 3 hour workshop on CX Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is one of the most approachable & powerful starting points for unlocking a CX Transformation

Really the backbone of a CX innovation practice

Journey mapping gets people engaged & working in customer-centered ways, and leads to the right next questions (business value, customer needs/insights, etc)

Our 3 hour workshop agenda looks like this5

CX Journey Mapping Workshop SuccessesJourney Mapping for transformation, collaboration, and strategyCX Transformation Case & StrategySilo-Busting & CollaborationRequirements DefinitionTelco leveraging journey mapping and other CX Design methods to create an exec-level business case and strategy for an organization-wide CX transformationUniversity using journey mapping to bring cross-functional teams together, build alignment, and identify actionable projects that immediately benefit studentsSoftware company weaving journey mapping into strategic planning efforts to think through requirements for a new technology offeringOracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.comThe hands-on workshop approach (and journey mapping specifically) offers an incredibly versatile and powerful way to catalyze customer-centered strategy & action within your organization

Here are a few example successes

Will provide additional detailed examples later6CX Journey Mapping Workshop London, UKIntroducing Journey Mapping to the UKs Largest Brands

Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.comTokyo CX Journey Mapping Workshop40 participants From Prominent Japanese Banks, Airlines, Media Companies

Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.comHeres an example of a recent CXJM Workshop to help bring these events to life

Ran in DC for public sector (50+ participants)

Ran nearly identical versions at our recent CX Summit (pre-conference for a select 40 participants, and during the summit for everyone as industry workshops)8Workshop FeedbackThis was, by far, the most beneficial four hours I've ever spent at an Oracle event. I hope collaborative, interactive events like this become more of a mainstay for Open World in the future. This is how you deliver valuable content and create customer loyalty.This was so well done. I loved the common-sense approach and the practical outcomes. This just made me think in a different way, about the customer and our brand promise. And it brought key ideas, big ideas, to the foreground."This is fantastic. I am excited about what my colleague and I learned during the session and will demonstrate the impact of this critical exercise to my team."The approach and Journey Mapping strategy is brilliant and will really help open opportunities to create solutions for clients."Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.comExperience Design

CX Journey Mapping Workshop MaterialsDesigned for rapid adoption and organizational alignmentFocus of methods: simple over complex, action-oriented, common vocabularyApproaches & principles that can scale: top-to-bottom, end-to-end, and run iterativelyCohesive collection of actionable CX Methods & ApproachesBusiness Value

Journey Mapping

Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop . DesigningCX.comModeled after Stanford workshopsIntended for cross-org client teamsComplete & integrated contentDesigned for rapid adoption and actionability

10CX Journey Mapping Workshop Take-AwaysCX Leadership Skills DevelopmentUnderstanding of CX Strategy Principles, establishing a foundation for customer-centered experience designHands-on experience mapping customer journeys, diagnosing customer experience issues and identifying opportunities, and (re)designing experiences that deliver both customer and business valueApplicability to your own business, and how to get started

CX Workshop ResourcesCX Journey Mapping KitHow-to guides for setting up and leading CXJM sessions with your teamsCX Strategy Development CanvasA strategic and pragmatic approach for leading and driving customer-centered action within and across your organizationCX Design ResourcesCurated collection of references, tools, and reading for further CX Design inquiryOracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop .

Madison, WI

Tuesday, March 4, 201412:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Sprechers RestaurantHophaw room1262 John Q HammonsMadison, WI 53717 Oracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop .

DESIGNINGCX.COMOpen Source Materials and GuidanceOracle . CX Strategy & Design Workshop .


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