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a presentation detailing Calvary's plan for spiritual formation and assimilation


  • 1. TAKING THE NEXT STEP Landmarks for Calvarys Journey

2. 3. EXPLORE (what?)

  • Explore Calvary Church as an experience of life with God

4. EXPLORE (who?)

  • People who have been engaged by Calvarys people.
  • People who have witnessed Calvarys presence in the community.
  • People who are seeking for answers to lifes questions.

5. EXPLORE (how?)

  • Identified by Calvarys First Impressions Team
  • Contacted through Calvarys assimilation process
  • Invited to CONNECT at Calvary through Link-Up or a LIFEGroup


  • Connect to Calvary Church as a commitment to life with God

LAUNCH (what?) 7. LAUNCH (who?)

  • People who are new explorers at Calvary Church
  • People currently at Calvary who only attend Celebration Gatherings

8. LAUNCH (how?)

  • Complete Link-Up
  • Baptism
  • Membership Process (possibly modified someday?)

9. PARTNER (what?)

  • Partner with a community to enhance your life with God.

10. PARTNER (who?)

  • People who have completed Link-Up
  • People who are not connected to a LIFEGroup

11. PARTNER (how?)

  • Link-Up
  • Get Connected Form
  • Wednesday LIFEGroup Lite
  • Sunday Morning Discipleship Community
  • Connection Events
  • Invitation

12. SERVE (what?)

  • Serve those in your spheres of influence as a demonstration of your life with God.

13. SERVE (who?)

  • People connected to a LIFEGroup
  • LIFEGroups together

14. SERVE (how?)

  • Enable LIFEGroups to adopt missional ventures
  • Encourage LIFEGroups to recognize giftedness in each other and to commission one another into ministry

15. ENGAGE (what?)

  • Engage the world around you to bring others into life with God.

16. ENGAGE (who?)

  • Your Local Community
  • The Global Community

17. ENGAGE (how?)

  • Those in the local community are engaged to explore and become disciples
    • Engagement of those outside begins with serving them
    • Multiplication means introducing and journeying with them through the next steps
  • Those in the global community are engaged through Calvarys Missions Program