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Work from the Spring semester of my freshman year at the University of Cincinnati.


  • CM

    Chelsea Moore First-year SAID Spring 2013

  • CM

  • Contents 2 Site Analysis 8 Unit Wall 12 Living Wall


  • Site Analysis For this project we were placed into groups of three and then assigned abuilding on campus. We were to sketch,diagram, draft, and photograph thebuilding in relation to three words: threshold, promenade, and arrival. The building assigned to my group was Blegen (Classics Library). Group Members: Caleb Lang,Kevin Goldstein


  • 6 by 6 Ink on BristolC

    M 3


  • ArrivalThreshold Promenade

    6 by 6Graphite on Bristol



  • 1/2 = 1 Hand Drafted

    Ink on Mylar CM 5


  • CM6

    Based on the site, I created an axonometric drawing on mylar that abstracted the space. From this drawing, I crafted a 12 x 12construction out of basswood.

    Axon Construction

  • From the basswood construction we were to create an item out of

    a material of our choosing that became something other and

    saidsomething more about the

    building. Made of a two tone bain board. CM 7


  • Unit WallThis was a large group project in which we were to create a screen wall made of the same unit and that unit only. The screen was to have at least three differentorientations and each orientation was to be fifty percent solid and fifty percent void. The units could be made of any material of the groups choosing. Group Members: Michael Ferguson, Lexi Schmidt, Kevin Goldstein, Ali Chidester, Ben Blake, Yicong Wang, Ashlyn Farwell,Savanah Lee, Daham Marapane


  • CM 9

    6 by 6 Bristol, Chipboard


  • CM10

    After one unit was chosen, the design was further developed and material studies were executed todetermine what would be most effective.


  • CM 11

    Unit Wall Final

    3/4 MDF1/2 Plywood

  • Living WallEach section of the studio was to create an eight foot by eight foot construction made of only two by fours and half inch thick MDF. Each section had to work with their neighbors to coordinate possible connections and to create unity. Within these constructions, we were to focus on promenade, view, and rest.


  • CM 13

    The studio section was broken down into various design groups to propose ideas that focused on the program.

    6 by 6 12 by 12 Basswood, Chipboard

    Sketch Models

  • CM14

    1 1/2 = 1drawings of floor plan, elevations, and section


    Ink on newsprint


  • Final Construction

    CM 15