10 top tips to protecting your privacy on facebook

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<ul><li> 1. 10 Top Tips to Protecting YourPrivacy on FacebookSocial Media Education, Training &amp; Supportwww.mysocialintelligence.com</li></ul> <p> 2. This is to remind you of the fact that onFacebook you haveFULL control over whatis shared and with whom.Protecting your privacy on Facebook@ 2013 Social Intelligence Limited 3. 10 tips to locking down your Privacy Settings@ 2013 Social Intelligence Limited1. Dont share super sensitive personal details2. Control who sees your posts3. Reconsider using Facebook games and apps4. Craft a suitable public profile5. Control the tag option so you can review and approve6. Leverage lists7. Review your photo album privacy settings8. Check your use of Facebook checking-in, especially if youare a lady9. Lock down Checking-In so others cant check you in10. Dont air what you dont want shared! 4. Enjoy what Facebook offers@ 2013 Social Intelligence LimitedThese platforms do have huge benefitsin our daily lives.Grandparents sharing in the daily lives of theirchildren and grandchildren who moved to othercountries and similarly, businesses (small andlarge) have been able to have two-wayconversations...globally. 5. Thanks for watching the quick share of this post...@ 2013 Social Intelligence LimitedWant to read the full blog post with all our guidance?You can read it here:The Social Intelligence BlogMeet the author:Shelley Rostlund 6. Who Are We? Connect with us@ 2013 Social Intelligence LimitedWe are an end-to-end social media agency. We support our clients through practicalbusiness education and training; as well as provide specialist one-to-one consultancy tocraft social media strategies that integrate into existing marketing, communication andonline strategies.We also efficiently support our clients in a very practical basis in their day-to-daymanagement of their social media through our array of social media administrativesupport services - if you think we can assist you, connect with us!social.intelligencemysocial_intelsocial-intelligence-limitedsocialintelwww.mysocialintelligence.com</p>