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YIS Expected Schoolwide Learning Results ( ESLRs ). Student and Teacher Survey Results May 2010. Academically Well-Prepared. Reach potential in all curricular areas Be effective problem solvers Critically analyze information Be effective communicators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Academically Well-Prepared

YIS Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

Student and Teacher Survey ResultsMay 2010

+Academically Well-PreparedReach potential in all curricular areasBe effective problem solversCritically analyze informationBe effective communicatorsDemonstrate inquisitiveness and curiosityBe responsible, independent learners and thinkers+ I need help with IT because I forget to save my workGrade KG

I am best at revising the rough draftGrade 1

I want to be better at solving problems by myself in class because I want to be independentGrade 2

I like reading, but I need helpGrade 2

I will try to read and write more so I can learnGrade 4

If there was a problem I cant solve I try my bestGrade 4

I always work hard and do my best but my mind always wander off somewhereGrade 5+ I easily give up on critical thinking questionGrade 6

Whenever we work in groups, I try to get everyone to talk and reply to their answersGrade 6

Although I tried to work hard in every subject, the only good grades I get is the subjects Im interested inGrade 7

I worked independently on the science fair, putting a lot of effort and thoughtGrade 7

In Geometry, we have to think a lot and be curious. The more youre curious, the more you learnGrade 9

Compared to last year, I put more effort in learning this school yearGrade 9

I still need to speak without hesitationGrade 11

I have difficulties with analyzing information. I am pushing myself further to get on the right trackGrade 11

+Grade LevelStudent CountAcademically Well-PreparedI am ready to work hard and do my best in everythingI try to communicate wellI try to solve problems by myselfKindergarten213.242.903.051st Grade163.133.383.191st-2nd ESL93.113.442.782nd Grade193.113.163.21TOTAL AVG653.153.173.093rd Grade163.003.312.943-4th ESL43.502.753.254th Grade213.293.143.195th Grade163.383.193.065th ESL0#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!TOTAL AVG573.253.183.09+ Grade LevelStudent CountAcademically Well-PreparedI have reached my potential in all curricular areas.I am an effective problem solver and I critically analyze information.I am an effective communicator.I demonstrate inquisitiveness and curiosity.I am a responsible, independent learner and thinker.6th ESL0#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!6th Grade113.733.183.363.182.917th Grade223. Grade133.083.003.463.083.469th Grade183.113.173.333.063.1710th Grade222.862.913.052.502.9511th Grade153.473. Grade73. AVG1083. LevelFaculty CountAcademically Well-Prepared: I encouragestudents to reach their potential.problem solving and critical analysis of information.effective communication.inquisitiveness and curiosity.responsible, independent learning and thinking.Elementary123.503.173.333.673.67Middle64.003.504.003.674.00High43.753.253.753.253.50TOTAL223.613.223.523.523.65+ Socially Responsible

Demonstrate honesty and integrityDemonstrate social and environmental responsibilityWork cooperatively and collaboratively with each other as a team+ Sometimes I play well with others but sometimes I get a little angryGrade 3

Im not environmentally responsible because I waste a lotGrade 6

When I first started the year, I was uncomfortable with working with othersGrade 6

When I dont finish my homework, I dont lie and beat around the bushGrade 7

Whenever someone throws a plastic bag or some kind of rubbish on the streets, I go up and tell them to pick it upGrade 9

I work with two eco-service teams, and collaboratively I work with my members to make a better worldGrade 11

I always take full responsibilities for my actionGrade 11

I realized my responsibility as a global citizenGrade 11

I have never cheated during assessmentsGrade 12

+Socially ResponsibleI'm responsible, independent, and I work and play well with othersI always try my best to be an honest person3.243.333.003.693.113.223.423.373.223.42Grade LevelStudent CountKindergarten211st Grade161st-2nd ESL92nd Grade19TOTAL AVG653.!#DIV/0!3.323.403rd Grade163-4th ESL44th Grade215th Grade165th ESL0TOTAL AVG57+ I demonstrate honesty and integrity.I demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.I work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!3.183.363.553.552.913.453.233.313.383.563.063.443.363.233.183.803.733.803.433.293.433.463.233.44Grade LevelStudent Count6th ESL06th Grade117th Grade228th Grade139th Grade1810th Grade2211th Grade1512th Grade7TOTAL AVG108honesty and integrity.social and environmental responsibility.I foster a cooperative and collaborative environment.3.503.253.583.833.503.673.503.503.753.593.363.64Socially Responsible: I encourageGrade LevelFaculty CountElementary12Middle6High4TOTAL22+ Culturally SensitiveUnderstand and respect cultural and individual differencesDevelop a global perspective+ I once make fun of the Chinese people but I have improvedGrade 3

Im trying my best to get along with people I dont likeGrade 4

Last time, I hit boys but this quarter, I dont even swat a fly!...Grade 4

I respect my friends, even if they are from a different cultureGrade 5

When my friends talk about their religion and culture, I never make fun of it but listen carefullyGrade 6

I watch the world news now. I didnt watch the news last yearGrade 6

Sometimes I used to tease my friends with religion, not too bad, but its a bit insultingGrade 9

I live by the quote, Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.Grade 9

The culture of mine is Myanmar style. But at the school, I stay with American culture. This is a little bit difficult for meGrade 10

I try to look from different views when we share news in Econ class12

+Culturally SensitiveI show respect towards others and I respect other cultures3.193.313.113.213.22Grade LevelStudent CountKindergarten211st Grade161st-2nd ESL92nd Grade19TOTAL AVG65Culturally SensitiveI respect other people and other cultures.3.443.503.483.88#DIV/0!3.58Grade LevelStudent Count3rd Grade163-4th ESL44th Grade215th Grade165th ESL0TOTAL AVG57+ Culturally SensitiveI understand and respect cultural differences.I have a global perspective on issues.#DIV/0!#DIV/0!3.913.453.733.183.693.153.673.003.553.003.733.473.293.143.673.18Culturally Sensitive: I encourageunderstanding and respect for cultural and individual differences.a global perspective on issues.3.423.083.833.503.503.503.553.27Grade LevelFaculty CountElementary12Middle6High4TOTAL22Grade LevelStudent Count6th ESL06th Grade117th Grade228th Grade139th Grade1810th Grade2211th Grade1512th Grade7TOTAL AVG108+ Personally FulfilledBe self-confident, open-minded, and adaptable.Develop healthy habits and lifestyleDevelop talents and interestsValue effort as a means to accomplish goalsGain a better understanding of selfDisplay attributes of a life-long learner+ I feel good everyday when I come to schoolGrade 4

I learned how to ride horse back and draw mazeGrade 4 ESL

I know working hard will make me reach the highest goal. This year I try my best. I think Im in the middle to reach the goal5

I found a page about I Taylor Swift on Facebook and I found out she have a lot of celeb friends. Right now, I am waiting for her to accept me as her friend and write on my wallGrade 6

I value my talents, except for the bad onesGrade 7

I fulfilled my goals with passion and interestGrade 7

Even though I am not confident in myself, I try my best to reach my goals and to develop my talents and interests, such as writing, reading and singingGrade 9

Effort is one of my problems because I always dont give my 100% on subjects that I dont really likeGrade 10

I almost follow a healthy lifestyle by joining after school activities10

+Personally FulfilledI feel good about myselfI try to follow healthy habitsI like to learn and I am curious to know moreI know that working hard will help me reach my goals3.523.243.433.333.813.443.443.693.222.893.333.443.373.373.743.633.513.283.513.52Grade LevelStudent CountKindergarten211st Grade161st-2nd ESL92nd Grade19TOTAL AVG65Personally FulfilledI feel good about myself.I follow healthy habits.I like to learn and want to learn more.I know that working hard will help me reach my goals3.563.133.693.813.503.003.003.503.243.523.623.483.383.133.633.88#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!3.393.263.603.68Grade LevelStudent Count3rd Grade163-4th ESL44th Grade215th Grade165th ESL0TOTAL AVG57+ Personally FulfilledI am self-confident, open-minded, and adaptable.I develop healthy habits and lifestyle.I work toward the development of talents and interests.I value effort as a means to accomplish goals.I have gained a better understanding of myself.I know that working hard will help me reach my goals#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!3.452.363.453.453.273.553.142.773.503.363.233.183.693.083.623.463.693. LevelStudent Count6th ESL06th Grade117th Grade228th Grade139th Grade1810th Grade2211th Grade1512th Grade7TOTAL AVG108Personally Fulfilled: I encouragestudents to be self-confident, open-minded, and adaptable. students to develop healthy habits and lifestyle.students to work toward the development of talents and interests.students to value effort as a means to accomplish goals.students to gain a better understanding of self.students to be life long learners.3.582.923.423.423.083.583.833.333.173.503.173.503.503.204.312.674.003.143.643.053.363.273.143.41Grade LevelFaculty CountElementary12Middle6High4TOTAL22+ 2009-2010Goal 1: POLICIESScreening, admissions, retention/p