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<ol><li> 1. PROJECTBUSINESSPLAN2010 IN ASSOCIATION PRESENTED BY: GARY H. BEDIAN, CLOWITH www.yerevanhotelproject.comCOPYRIGHT 2010 - BEDIAN INTERNATIONAL </li><li> 2. PRESENTING THE FIRST STATE-OF-THE- ART HOTEL AND CONFERENCECENTER IN ARMENIAA 4-STAR LUXURY HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTER </li><li> 3. PROJECT HAS THESUPPORT OF THEARMENIAN GOVERNMENT From left to right, Gary Bedian, Consul General of ROA, Grigor Hovhannissian, Eddy Chao of Asia Pacic Capital. From Left to right, Dr. Aram Vardanyan, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of ROA, Martin Sargsyan, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of ROA, Gary Bedian, President of Bedian International. From Left to right sitting, Eddy Chao, Martin Sargsyan, Gary Bedian, standing from left to right, Araik Vardanyan, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of ROA, Mayor of Yerevan, Gagig Beglaryan, Dr. Aram Vardanyan Gary Bedian with President Serzh Sargsyan </li><li> 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Business Plan has been prepared with the goal of attracting investors for the development of the Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center project in Yerevan, Armenia. The project is being sponsored and developed by Bedian International, Inc., a leading hotel development and management company in the United States. This is the culmination of three years of planning, execution and investment in the project. The land has already been purchased, architectural design plans have been approved, the Hilton franchise preliminary agreement has been executed. The project enjoys the full support of the Armenian Government as well as the City of Yerevan Mayors approval. The Conference Center is a Joint Venture with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia.The project also includes at least 8 luxury condominium units which will be sold. Current discussions also include the prospect of a casino in the hotel. Bedian International is currently in negotiation with a major Casino operator in Las Vegas. This will add an additional revenue stream for the investment. </li><li> 5. PROJECT DEVELOPER AND SPONSORBedian International was founded by Gary H. Bedian in 1991. Since then, Bedian International has been actively involved in Armenia and the Armenian BEDIAN INTERNATIONAL economy. Bedian International has an and impressive list of clientele and hotel AFFILIATE OFFICES: projects spanning the globe.North America Bedian International is an International Los Angeles, California firm that specializes in Real Estate Investment Banking andCIS Countries Development. We have expertise in Real Estate Finance and Asset Yerevan, Armenia Management.Middle East Gary Bedian has about 20 yearsBeirut, Lebanon experience in the Republic of Armenia both in the private as well as the www.BedianInternational.com public sector. In 1992, Mr. Bedian was appointed Deputy Minister and Chief Advisor for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for the Republic of Armenia.Mr. Bedian has represented some of the wealthiest private investors in the world in their real estate investments and developments. </li><li> 6. PROJECT SUMMARY TOTAL PROJECT INVESTMENT $28,000,000 A 4-STAR LUXURY HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTER 202 ROOMS, 40 SUITES WITH KITCHENETTES FOR EXTENDED STAY GUESTS SPECIAL ACCESS FOR TOUR BUSSES AND LARGE GROUP ARRIVALS 250 PARKING SPACES - COVERED AND GROUND LEVEL PARKING FULL SERVICE BUSINESS CENTER FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE TO AIRPORT AND CITY CENTER INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL EXERCISE FACILITIES WITH SAUNA RESTAURANTS AND ULTRA LOUNGE BANQUET FACILITIES MEETING ROOMS AND CONFERENCE FACILITIES 8 LUXURY RESIDENTIAL UNITS ON THE PENTHOUSE FLOOR 55,000 SQ. FT. EXHIBIT AND CONFERENCE CENTER ROOFTOP HELIPAD </li><li> 7. ARMENIA Ancient ~ Amiable Geography Armenia is a land with a mystical air that will at once capture your imagination, evoking centuries past while awakening your senses to the present. It has a rich and Area: 29,800 sq. km. (11,500 colorful history, interwoven with legends and lore such as the landing of Noahs Ark sq. mi.) slightly larger then on Mount Ararat and Marco Polos voyages along the Silk Road. Armenians are an Maryland. ancient people with a strong sense of cultural identity. They have preserved their unique culture through the centuries, keeping Old World traditions alive by integrating Capital: Yerevan. them into a modern way of life, so that the two compliment and enrich each other. Terrain: High plateau with Armenia offers something new for every explorer. From the Hellenistic temple of Garni mountains and forests. and the rock-carved churches of Geghard to ancient cave dwellings, mountain monasteries, fortresses and thousands of unique Khathkars (stone crosses), Climate: Highland Armenia's fascinating history is etched into its very landscape. continental, 4 seasons. The wide range of natural beauty in this tiny country is astounding. You will encounter mountainous landscapes, whitewater river canyons, deep forests and fertile plains. With rugged and widely unspoiled landscapes, each region of Armenia offers a unique experience to nature-lovers, hikers, and anyone with a desire to explore.Armenia's strongest charm lies in the hearts of its people. The kindness and hospitality of Armenians is sure to leave a lasting impression and make your visit an unforgettable experience. </li><li> 8. Capital: YerevanPopulation: 3.2 Million (2006) MAP OF REGION ANDReligion: Christian (Armenian Apostolic)Language: Armenian (94%) COUNTRY STATISTICS Currency: Armenian DramGDP: $12,069 million (2008)GDP growth: 10.3% (2008 est.)GDP per capita: $3,698 (2008) </li><li> 9. ARMENIA Land of Rugged Beauty Armenia comprises some of the worlds most stunning mountain chains, valleys and river gorges. The country is a ower lovers haven, with 3500 species thriving on its mountainsides. 349 species of birds migrate through Armenia en route to Europe and Africa, several of which are rare or endangered. The country is also home to the rare Caucasian leopard, mountain goat and ram.The wide range and complexity of ora and fauna in Armenia is truly astounding. This tiny country is home to most of the worlds ecological zones; half of the ora found in all of Europe and two thirds of its birds. </li><li> 10. YEREVAN The Cosmopolitan City Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is situated along theYerevan, Armenias capital, is one of the Hrazdan River. The master architectural plan for modern oldest cities in the world. It was established in 782 BC by the Urartian day Yerevan was drawn up by Alexander Tamanian from King, Argishti I. Today, it is a thriving city, with the excitement, hustle and 1924 to 1926. According to Armenian tradition, the name bustle of a modern capital. Yerevan is truly a fascinating place, with a ne of Yerevan is derived from an expression exclaimed by balance of a fast-paced urban lifestyle,Noah in Armenian while looking in the direction of Yerevan, and a keen sense to its history and ancient roots.The city is currently after the ark had landed on Mount Ararat and after the ood undergoing a major construction boom. There are cultural events year round waters had receded: Yerevats (it appeared). attracting tourists from all over the world. </li><li> 11. Republic Square YEREVAN The Cosmopolitan City Map of Downtown Zvartnotz Airport </li><li> 12. YEREVAN The Cosmopolitan City </li><li> 13. SITE SELECTION Bedian International has been an active participant in the Armenian Economy since 1991. We have vast knowledge of Armenia, the city of Yerevan and the Caucuses in general. The project site selection was carefully orchestrated by Mr. Gary Bedian who has made no less than 120 trips to Yerevan in the last 20 years. As such, after much search and deliberation, the best suited site was picked for the following reasons: The City of Yerevan is already congested and trafc gridlock is commonplace. Properties in the City Center of Yerevan demand very high per square meter 24 HOUR FREE SHUTTLEprices and are mostly comprised of small lots with existing buildings thatSERVICE TO AIRPORT ANDneed to be demolished and existing tenants bought out.CITY CENTER High prices make it prohibitive to build anything less than a 5 Star Hotel andwould make it a necessity to build a high-rise project. The location of our site is 6 kilometers from the Airport and 7 kilometers fromthe City Center. It takes less than 10 minutes either way. We will provide 24hour free shuttle service to the Airport or City Center. The site comprises of 2 hectares which is approximately 5 acres allowingample room for all facilities and amenities. Proximity to the American Embassy and the future Chinese Embassy makes itan ideal location for embassy staff, contractors and visitors for short orextended-stay. </li><li> 14. SITE SELECTION Cont. This area is a developing area and a natural extension to the CityCenter expansion.This is evidenced by the construction of theAmerican Embassy, the proposed Chinese Embassy, the new ToyotaDealership and Service Center, the Fiat and Lada Dealerships. The property lies on the main highway to the Airport and the CityCenter with easy access to all touristic attractions and destinations.This is also the highway that goes to Echmiadzin and Ashdarag. The site provides breathtaking views of Mount Ararat and LakeYerevan as well as the skyline of the City of Yerevan. All utilities and services are already nearby and can easily be tappedfor this project. The main natural gas line runs parallel to the front of the property. Weare considering the installation a CoGen Power Plant which wouldprovide all electricity and heating for the property off grid. The relatively large size of the lot will give us a distinct advantage overthe competition by providing ample parking and easy tour bus access. The lot is at and unobstructed by other structures as well as easilyaccessible by the main highway, which will translate to constructioncost savings. </li><li> 15. SITE HOTEL DEVELOPMENT SITE </li><li> 16. BRAND SELECTION After extensive research and investigation, Bedian International has chosen the Hilton Garden Inn as the best performing brand for the site for a variety of very compelling reasons: Hilton is one of the only hotel companies with a breadth of leading brands, spanningthe lodging segments from luxurious full-service hotels and resorts to extended-staysuites and mid-priced hotels. Hilton is a name that is synonymous with rst-class hospitality. For almost 90 years,the Hilton Family has been offering the business and leisure traveler worldwide thevery nest in accommodations, service, amenities and value. The Hilton HHonors guest reward program is the only program to let members DoubleDip to earn both HHonors points and airline miles for the same stay and enjoy hotelrewards with No Blackout Dates - at any of more than 3.000 Hilton Family hotels. Hilton Garden Inns are designed to be warm and inviting, yet functional, providingquality accommodation and facilities at an invitingly attractive price. The hotel is Gary Bedian with Michael Collini,designed to maximize exibility whilst simultaneously controlling costs, offering guests VP Development, Northern Europe,the attentive hospitality and quality facilities they want at the price they can afford. Hilton Worldwide. Hilton Garden Inn enjoys all the attributes associated with the worlds most famousbrand, Hilton. But, with its own distinctive brand identity, unique facilities and anaverage of 150 rooms, Hilton Garden Inn hotels are designed to appeal to a specicaudience of mid-market business travelers or leisure guests in key commercial airportand destination locations. </li><li> 17. BRAND SELECTION Cont. Armenia currently has only one major recognizable brand in Yerevan,the Marriott. The entry of a Hilton Garden Inn is an easier way ofgetting the Hilton brand recognition without the full investment of a FullService, 5 Star Hilton Hotel. This would allow us to compete with the 5 Star Marriott with a 3 Starprice structure, without compromising the amenities and facilities. Infact, our rooms will be larger and will have more Western standardamenities. The lower cost of building a HGI product will allow us to invest more inrestaurants, banquet facilities, conference facilities, swimming pools,spa and other amenities which are all slated to be income producing,self sustaining prot centers. The location of the property is strategically located mid-way betweenthe City Center and the Airport. It is just one kilometer from the U.S.Embassy. We plan on providing 40 Extended Say Suites withKitchenettes as a convenient and economical alternative for theEmbassy staff, contractors, and visitors. The Hilton Garden Inn brandis a familiar and trusted name for Americans. The Chinese Embassy isslated to be constructed nearby as well. </li><li> 18. THE HILTON BRAND </li><li> 19. THE FOUR PILLARS OF GUEST SATISFACTION The core proposition of Hilton Garden Inn is built on four main concepts, each designed to offer customers an enhanced and memorable guest experience. Work Smart - With outstanding facilities for remote workingas well as access to business centers, guest roomseffectively act as a mobile ofce. Deep Sleep - Patented Garden Sleep System ensuresguests wake refreshed and ready to face the day. Stay Fit - Complimentary workout facilities, branded Stay FitKits and pool facilities encourage healthy guest bodies andminds. Eat Healthy - From unique Pavilion Pantry to Room Service,guests enjoy healthy 24 hour nourishment in all forms andvarieties. </li><li> 20. WORK SMART A generously sized desk) High quality desk lighting Telephone with data-ports and voicemail Complimentary desk-level wired and wireless high speed Internet access A stylish and comfortable ergonomic Mirra Chair designed by Herman Miller 24 hour business center Meeting rooms Conference facilities </li><li> 21. DEEP SLEEP Patented innovative high-tech Garden Sleep System ) Self-adjusting beds that adapt to the body 24 INCH HD LCD Television Cable TV Refrigerator and coffee maker Iron and ironing board Adjustable lamp and nightstand Hilton Garden Inn MP3 alarm clock Hair-dryer </li><li> 22. STAY FIT Todays busy lifestyles mean that keeping t is essential. Hilton Garden Inns outstanding tness facilities enable busy travelers to stay t in mind ) a s w e l l a s b o d y.Amenities include complimentary, well-equipped workout facilities and swimming pool.With Hilton Garden Inns unique Stay Fit Kits, guests can simply relax and work out in their room. Its simple, easy and personalized. </li><li> 23. EAT HEALTHY AND WELL Whether on the road or on vacation, Hilton Garden Inn ) guests enjoy an exhilarating breadth of choices. The Pavilion Pantry, located close to the lobby area, is open 24 hours a day for snacks, beverages, sundries and meals.Full-service restaurantOur convenient full-service restaurant offers an appetizing selection of hot and cold dishes. The buffet style breakfasts include an element that can be cooked to guests wishesThree Meal and served to order. In addition to traditiona...</li></ol>