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<ul><li> 1. How the foot and mouth leitmotif invokes the national question in Ulysses. Or why Ulysses IS a nationalist text.</li></ul> <p> 2. Presentation Outline: 1. The art of the quotidian: the break between Joyce and Yeats. 2. Joyce Nationalist or traitor? 3. Foot and mouth: literary leitmotif &amp; historical reality. 4. Foot and mouth: its the key, its the secret. 5. Theoretical prcis. 6. Close reading and critical analysis. 7. Conclusions. 8. Q&amp;A. 3. The art of the quotidian: The break between Joyce and Yeats. Quotidian: Adjective 1. Of or occurring every day; daily. 2. Ordinary or everyday, esp. when mundane. Synonyms: daily - everyday - diurnal - ordinary commonplace Yeats: Often simple, plain, direct language yet held back by Victorian mores and conventions. Highbrow Joyce: One step beyond assimilated the avante garde work by revelling in the base and everyday: sex, food, socialism, nationalism and micro socio-political exchanges. Aesthetically highbrow but lowbrow concerns.http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=iCCw2afIM08 4. Joyce nationalist or traitor? NationalistTraitorEmer Nolan Seamus Heaney Richard EllmanDavid Lloyd 5. Foot and mouth: literary Leitmoif &amp; historical reality.Foot and mouth in 1920s Foot and mouth mentioned 10 times and inverted as foot in mouth once in a novel of 265,000 words. Significant? Dairy farming significant part of Irish economy both at Ulysses time of writing and today now the building bubble has burst. Foot and mouth as metaphor for the diseased Irish agrarian economy which was in recovery from the Potato famines AND under threat from foot Economic Development in Ireland By C.H. and mouth.Oldham, Esq., Hon Secretary. Barrington Lecturer on Political Economy, &amp;c. Read Wednesday,14thMarch,1900. http://www.tara.tcd.ie/bitstream/2262/7854/1/js sisiVolX548_567.pdfThe Irish Experience of Economic Lift Off Paul Sweeney http://www.ictu.ie/download/pdf/celtic_tiger.pdf 6. Foot and mouth: its the key, its the secret. Michael Billig: Crisesdo not, create nation-states as nation states [instead , nations and the] whole complex of beliefs, assumptions, habits, representations and practises are produced in a banally mundane way 7. Theoretical prcis. Duffy: Ulysses is the starred text of an Irish literaturethe book of postcolonial independencea guerrilla text [that has] all the time been covertly operating as a postcolonial novel. David Lloyd: The antirepresentational tendency in Ulysses [and] the [opposite] hybrid quality of popular forms exceed the monologic desire of cultural nationalism. 8. Close reading and critical analysis. Mr Deasy: Its about the foot and mouth diseaseThere can be no two opinions on the matterThey [Jews] sinned against the light (pp32-34). 9. Close reading and critical analysis. The Bullockbefriending Bard (p127) Foot and mouth disease!...Great nationalist meeting in Borris-in Ossory. All balls! Bulldosing the public! Give them something to bite on (p130). 10. Close reading and critical analysis. foot and mouth disease. I want to give the Citizen the hard word about it (p281). Starts telling the Citizen about the foot and mouth disease and the Citizen sending them all to the rightabout and Bloom coming out with his sheepdip for the scab L. Bloom, who met with a mixed reception of applause and hisses, brought the discussion to a close (pp301-304) 11. Conclusions. Ulysses an experiment in nationalist literature presupposed in a concrete Irishness. Dialogical position left him open to criticism from both sides. Joyce did not leave Ireland behind him in any way except physically. (Richard Ellman 1977:7) 12. Q&amp;A. 1.Is Leopold Bloom or Stephen hero Dedalus the hero of the novel? 2.Is Ulysses a success as a literary experiment or a glorious failure? 3.Is Ulysses a nationalist, anti nationalist text or an equivocatingly dialogic text?</p>