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Henkel Innovation Challenge IV

How to play? HIC History

Henkel Innovation Challenge IVWhat is it about?

International Business Game for students Vision 2050: Take a Henkel brand into the future Create your innovative idea for a Henkel brand which can satisfy peoples need in 2050

4 rounds to success 1st round: Registration + Submission 2nd round: National final 3rd round: Regional final 4th round: International final

Final PrizeBest team: Ticket around the world 3 best teams: Meet the CEO @ Henkel

Henkel Innovation Challenge IVWho can participate?All students who are registered at an university in one of these countries: Australia Austria Belgium China Croatia France













, and speak + understand English well!


Henkel Innovation Challenge IV

How to play? HIC History

How to play?Round 1: Registrationwww.henkelchallenge.com

Teams (2-3 Students) register online

Register: Fill in each team member personal data: name, study, university, email address

Follow the steps and accept the rules

Give your team a name

Decide: submit directly or later on

How to play?Round 1: SubmissionTell us your vision of life in 2050: What future trends do you expect? What will consumers need in 2050 according to your vision?

Deadline for submission: innovation? Describe What is your

4p.m. on December 13th, 2010

your product idea for a Henkel brand in 2050 State your motivation: Why should we invite you to the national final Henkel?

Upload your CV as PDF or word document Upload additional documents (optional)

How to play?Round 1: Submission Example of submissionSilan Xpress (1) Vision for 2050: Time pressure and air pollution (2) Need: People need to save time and want to protect environment by cleaning the air (3) Product idea for brand Silan: A fabric softener that is sprayed on textiles making ironing redundant and therefore saving time and energy. Like the traditional Silan it leaves a fresh scent and pleasurable feeling. Moreover, it is perfect for all classic textiles and new wearable technologies like solar cells, integrated heart rate measures and electronic baby suits. In 2050 Silan xpress absorbs carbon dioxide and actively improves the quality of the air.

?1 Vision ? 2 Need ? 3 Product ? 4 Motivation

How to play?Round 2: National FinalIn advance:

Selection of top 5 10 teams

Mentorship phase@ National Final (January 2011)

Teams present their ideas to a national jury

Compete to qualify for the regional final in Shanghai

How to play?Round 3: Regional Final

3rd March 2011, Henkel Shanghai Best teams of each country present their ideas to aregional jury

Compete to qualify for the international final in Berlin, Germany

How to play?Round 4: International Final

6 9 April 2011, Berlin Best team from Asia present their idea to a jury Compete against international teams Visit Berlin, the capital of Germany Win a ticket around the world Win meeting with the CEO@Henkel


Henkel Innovation Challenge IV

How to play?

HIC History

HIC HistoryFirst Henkel Innovation Challenge in 2007/08

6 Countries from Western Europe Start October 2007 323 teams, more than 1000 ideas International final: April 2008 Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona Winner: Spanish Team "Veni Vidi Innovate Winning idea: Household robot Prize: trip to Istanbul

A week in Istanbul

HIC HistoryImpressions of HIC I

HIC History2nd Henkel Innovation Challenge in 2008/09

11Countries from Europe Start October 2008 More than 600 ideas International final: April 2009 Atomium, Brussel (Belgium) Winner: Dutch Team Rotterdam Particles Winning idea: Persilair, washing without water Prize: trip to Caribbean Best 3 teams met the CEO@Henkel

HIC HistoryImpressions of HIC II

HIC History3rd Henkel Innovation Challenge in 2009/10

12 Countries from Europe Start October 2009 600 teams International final: April 2010 Ajax Stadium, Amsterdam (Netherlands) Winner: German Team BioNet Winning idea: Terra BioNet, enjoy your life while others clean Prize: language trip to Japan, Mexico or Australia Best 3 teams met the CEO@Henkel

HIC HistoryImpressions of HIC III

HIC HistoryRecordings & InterviewsTalking about the mentorship, it is probably the most advantageous point for the Henkel Innovation Challenge compared to other games and that is one of the best impressions we got from the game. Overall, we can say that it has been one of the best experiences in our lives. winner HIC I The Henkel Innovation Challenge was a great experience. Comprising of many different elements (presentation, negotiation etc) it was fun and challenging at the same time. winner team HIC II

It was an extremely interesting experience as you come into contact with the managers of the different countries and learn a lot from their experience.HIC III

What is in for you?

Compete against international students Build up your own Henkel network Get Business experience Have a lot of fun!

Thank You