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<ul><li> 1. Money and Life ... { The members: Lamia Mohamed Shatha Mohammed Khawla Karam CF3</li></ul> <p> 2. { The Story There was an older couple ( Sarah ) and ( Smith ) who live in a poor neighborhood in Mexico. They lived in the hope of seeing their son ( Mike ) who works in another country ( Sweden ) to make a living and send some money every month to them. Hisparents know that they dont have any source of income, so each month they receivemoney from him. This situation continued about 4 years until that day, when their son stopped sending money. His parents were worried because the news of their sonstopped, and also they dont have enough money for living. The parents decided to goto Mikes address to make sure that his condition is okay. After the efforts of collecting money from their friends in the village, the parents traveled to Sweden to their son Mike. Mikes apartment was located in Stockholm, where is a big city in Sweden.While they arrived to the apartment they saw a woman set with theirson. They realized that he got married from this woman ( Lora ).Mike explained the cause of his marriage, That ( Laura ) the head ofthe company had proposed him to marry her if he want to stay in hiswork. He explained to his parents that Laura love him and she reallywants to be his wife .After this event which made them shocked, they decide to return to their country. After two months of their return,they received a letter from Mike with the amount of money and the image of their fetus, who waited his birth. A year later, Mike decided to stay in his country ( Mexico ) with his wife and their son John tolive with his parents in their last years of aged. 3. { Difficult Words Income Money that someone getsEffortsfrom working or fromthe developing young in theinvesting money.uterus, specifically the unbornoffspring in the postembryonicperiod, which in humans isfrom the third month afterfertilization until birth. Fetus An attempt to do something that is difficult or that involves hard work. 4. { Pictures of Characters MikeLora His age: 32John Her age: 29His personality: Her personality: Irresponsible ControllingSaraSmith His age: 1 Her age: 71His age: 75Her personality: Kind His personality: Patient 5. { Pictures of PlacesSweden Mexico 6. We hope you enjoyour presentation. </p>