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  • 1. Format for today:
    • Period 3: ICT to continue/ complete your teaser posters
  • Period 4: in two smaller groups, to learn about the differences between teasers, main posters and DVD posters
  • Period 5: ICT to complete teaser posters and begin work on main/ DVD poster

2. Objectives:

  • To be able to produce effective posters to help promote your film
  • To understand techniques used in teaser, main and DVD posters

3. AQA GCSE Media Studies COURSEWORK EXAM 4 Pieces. For one you plan & create a media production. The other 3 can be written or practical or a mixture of both One timed test (3 hrs). This will be onAnd you will get some info beforehand 50% 50% 120marks 100 marks 4. Main cinema poster:

  • Cast and crew information
  • Title in distinctive font
  • Main tag line
  • More information about genre, characters, storyline, etc
  • Final big marketing push as your film hits the cinemas

5. 6. 7. Why might the advertising/poster campaign differ?

  • Different audience for DVD
  • Lack of box office success
  • Box office failings may have been linked to an ineffective marketing campaign
  • Social/cultural/political changes
  • New/special features (eg: extended versions, directors cut, more gory! etc)
  • Blu-ray or HD-DVD joint release
  • Alternative version of the same film
  • Or, just to make it more fresh and different

8. 9. Task:

  • Begin to design your main movie poster(s)
  • Think carefully about the aspects of your film you want to promote (eg: main star? Special effects? Genre? Etc)
  • Do a variety of sketches/ designs
  • During period 5, you will be able to access ICT and, if appropriate, use a digital camera

10. Extension: Design your DVD release poster. What will be different?