year of four emperors 68-69 ad

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Year of Four Emperors 68-69 AD. Marina Henke. What is it?. Prompted by death of Nero Period of civil war Four d ifferent emperors in 1 year Showed danger of no law . Nero. http:// /wiki/Nero. Galba – 68-69 AD. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Year of Four Emperors 68-69 AD

Year of Four Emperors 68-69 ADMarina Henke

What is it?Prompted by death of NeroPeriod of civil war Four different emperors in 1 yearShowed danger of no law

Nero 68-69 ADEarly LifeBorn 4 BCAdopted by mother of emperor Held consulship in 33 AD

Rise to PowerHad emperors favor68 - military representativeGot help from governor of Lusitania (Portugal), Otho

Galba Galba continuedDownfallWouldnt pay soldiers bonus Corruption Soldiers and Otho turned onhimKilled in streets January 19 69 ADReign: 7 Months

Coin of Galba 69 ADEarly LifeBorn 32 AD Good friends w/ Nero but issues with wifeGovernor of Lusitania (Portugal)

Rise to PowerHad Praetorian guard kill friends + supporters of Galba Otho continuedDownfallRoman legions supported Vitellius (in France) Uneasiness in Rome Battle of Bedriacum (northern Italy)Otho lostKilled himself 16 April 69 ADReign: 95 Days

Battle of Bedriacum map Vitellius 69 ADEarly LifeBorn 15 ADWon attention of emperors

Rise to PowerGalba made him governorWon Battle of Bedriacum

Vitellius continuedDownfallMade peace w/ Otho troopsReplaced praetorian guard Flavian Revolt People wanted Vespasian (in Egypt)Second Battle of Bedriacum Flung into Tiber on 22 December 69 ADReign: 7 Months 9Bibliography1. "69 AD: Year of the 4 emperors." ThinkQuest : Library. (accessed February 12, 2013).

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