xenon - reno - xenon- .xenon - reno 210 no. sierra street in reno is a 35,000 s.f. building with

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  • XENON - Reno

    The Hawk Group is seeking a partner with the financial wherewithal to participate in a real estate/entertainment venture , a duplicate of two other ventures, XENON Salt Lake and XENON Boise, undertaken under the XENON brand by the Hawk Group, with the background and experience to find unique properties, acquire them and implement a use that generates large cash flow while increasing the value of the real estate.

    The property is a 35K square foot building, downtown Reno, on 2 floors with no onsite parking. It is vacant and an eyesore. Built as a casino, today, there are no uses for this building except for the model we propose: an 18-and-over, alcohol-free, European-style, EDM-themed, dance club targeting the college population and the young work force. We have a team in place ready to do the pre-opening work and manage the operation afterwards. The property can be purchased at distress prices.

    There is a cost to bring the building to code, however, the last use of the second floor was a night club and with some remodeling and adding the gear needed for a XENON operation, it could be open in a relatively short period of time. The cost to lease or acquire the real estate is not determined at this time. The remodel of the second floor and pre-opening costs, including the hardware, are estimated at $1.1M, and XENON Reno could be open, operating and profitable.

    With all the facility operating the net profit will be between $2M and $3M annually.


  • XENON - Reno

    210 No. Sierra Street in Reno is a 35,000 s.f. building with two floors.

    Currently, the building is an eyesore between the major hotel operations and the Riverwalk District and Wingfield Park.

    History: this was the last casino, purposely built, before Reno passed a law that casinos must build hotel rooms and parking spaces, to obtain a gaming license. The building has no on-site parking.

    After the casino failed, a portion of the building was remodeled into a night club that also failed. The space cannot compete with the hotels and there are no alternative uses, except for establishing a XENON operation.

  • XENON - Reno

    Second Floor interior. First Floor is unfinished.

  • XENON Reno Second Floor Club

    The Plan calls for bringing the upstairs to code and re-open as XENON Reno, and confirm the demand for the product is there and to determine if additional space in the building can be used to expand the club. With this scenario the Financial Projection in the next slide applies.

    The attraction is the massive, top-of-the-line, sound system designed, constructed and calibrated to deliver music at top volume and highest fidelity, uniformly, over a large dance area, creating a musical experience unequaled anywhere. Special effects and video systems complete the set-up.

    The sub-woofers are located inside the elevated dance floor in the center of the club. The mid-range delivered through an oval-pattern of hanging multi-directional speakers while the high-end delivered from a grid of tweeters that blankets the entire dance area. A marvel of design and execution

    The Club is designed, specifically, for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) devotees, providing a sensory and social experience unequaled anywhere, in a chemical-free environment

  • XENON Reno First Scenario

    XENON Reno, an alcohol-free, 18 & over, EDM-themed, dance club brings the European dance club experience to Reno. It provides a superior musical, dancing and social experience for a 4-hour concert, in a high-energy, safe, and exciting environment provided by the unique management model, developed during decades of operations on both sides of the ocean.

  • XENON Reno First Floor Club

    After the Second Floor club is opened and performing, a decision is made to operate upstairs or to expand as needed. To the right, is a potential plan to use the First Floor for a second XENON club. In that case the Financial Projection in the next slide will apply If it is determined that demand might not justify expanding into the main floor, the two spaces are separated and XENON operates on the second floor and the first floor would remain available. With both clubs open, XENON Reno, a smoke & alcohol-free, 18 & over, dance club will have a capacity of 2,600.

  • XENON Reno Second Scenario

    This projection entails expanding the club to include the First Floor with a separate operation, also EDM-themed, but with a different musical format. As an alternative the first floor can se leased separately.

    REVENUES (3,500 Admissions wkly) (4,500 Admissions wkly) (5,500 Admissions wkly)

    Average Sale: $20

    Gross Weekly Sales $70,000 $90,000 $110,000

    Monthly Sales (x4.2) $294,000 378,000 $462,000

    Special Events: New Year, etc. $40,000 $50,000 $60,000

    TOTAL REVENUES $334,000 $428,000 $522,000


    Rent/Mortgage $50,000 $50,000 $50,000

    Equipment Lease $25,000 $25,000 $25,000

    Payroll $42,000 $42,000 $42,000

    Music $6,000 $6,000 $6,000

    Reserve $30,000 $30,000 $30,000

    Misc. $20,000 $20,000 $20,000

    TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES $173,000 $173,000 $173,000

    Monthly Profit before Taxes $161,000 $255,000 $349,000

    ANNUALIZED PROFIT $1,932,000 $3,060,000 $4,188,000

  • Notes

    Format: An adult, 18 and over, chemical-free, EDM-themed, musical, dancing and social club.

    Capacity: 2,600

    Admission Prices: $18 to $25

    Demographic: The college population and the young work force.

    Hours of operations: The building is in use 12 hours each week.

    Payroll: The short hours of operation reflect the payroll cost. Higher attendance does not increase expenses.

    No liquor or food served: Eliminates the risks, costs, and logistics of serving alcohol or food.

    Insurance: No liquor sales lowers insurance premiums.

    Security: No liquor sales reduces the need for security.

    Interior: The look is industrial with no-frills and designed to make the dancers the stars of the show.

    Advertising/Promotion: Social media is used to reach the demographic and offer a free membership.

    A Private Club: A database of members is maintained and one must be a member to be admitted.

    Musical Programming: Customer-driven charts dictate the music played, assembled by the Program Director and played by the in-house DJs.

    Management: The Hawk Group manages the facility.

    XENON - Reno


    Second Floor Club First Floor Club

  • The XENON Team

    Ezio Valentini, CEO - Co-Founder A progettista trained in all aspects of concept development, building and managing large European discotheques as part of his family business. Ezio learned the importance of the sound, and how it is delivered to create the highest quality musical, dance and social experience. MORE.

    Rebecca Valentini, COO - Co-Founder Rebecca was responsible for the overall management of the entertainment division, including XENON in Salt Lake, XENON Boise and the Sportsbar, supervising the musical production of the clubs, as well as in charge of operations. MORE.

    Porter Falcon Falcon Audio and Video Design, Construction, Equipment Installation Porter Falcon has had a relationship with the Hawk Group for 30 years, having used his design & build approach to open three venues for a collective occupancy of 4,700. MORE.

    Morgan Lavery - Melt Creative LLC Co-Founder/ Creative Director - Partner Morgan Lavery is a VJ with a vision: to create complete sensory immersive experiences to audiences worldwide. MORE.

    Jeff Peters, Entertainment Director Partner Jeffrey D. Peters entire career has revolved around the arts, music, and specifically, the EDM genre. MORE.

    Mike Brown - General Contractor With Falcon Audio, Mike has performed in various capacities and is an expert in coordinating the construction phase of a project with the installation of audio, lighting and video systems. MORE.

    Tessa Rodriguez - Publicist, Director of Marketing, Operations Tessa specializes, as a publicist, in social media and promotions and also involved in operations. MORE.

    Rick Crandall, Architect Rick, as head of Crandall Design Group, has been a collaborator with Porter Falcon since the early 1990s, having completed many projects.


  • CONTACT: Ezio Valentini

    9900 Wilbur May Parkway #2601

    Reno, NV 89521



    Skype ID: ezio_valentini

    Phone: +1 (775) 852-6280

    A subsidiary of the Hawk Group