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This workshop was given at the Tenth Joint European Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning 2014 that took place at Malta from 27.04. - 02.05.


  • 1.Digital Badges in Education Nikola Milikic 1

2. Outline Learner scenario Problems with educational landscape Defining a badge Badging process Examples of applying badges Task for you 2 3. Learner Scenario Sara, an 18-year-old web developer 3 4. What are the problems with formal diplomas? (Discuss in groups in 5 minutes) 4 TASK 1 5. Problems with educational landscape 1. Diplomas present an incomplete picture Do not capture learning outside of classroom 2. Diplomas lack transparency and granularity Program and course outcomes not granular and transparent 3. Connecting learning and career pathways Slow response on market demands 5 6. What is a Badge? A Badge is a symbol or indicator of ones accomplishment, skill, quality or interest Examples like Boy and Girl Scouts, Foursquare etc. 6 7. Open Badges Open Badge is a digital reward which can be stored inside a student's digital backpack 7 8. Open Badges Badges can be achieved by completing tasks and goals 8Smithsonian quest badges, link: 9. Badge Metadata 9 10. Potential roles of badges in education: - Primary - Secondary - Higher formal education - Vocational - Online learning and MOOCs (5 minutes) 10 TASK 2 11. Potential Roles in Education Primary Secondary Higher Vocational Online Certification for extra curricular experience Acknowledging skills motivation motivation Visibility of a badge Map competences to task Specifying prerequisites for specific competence/co urse Uniform standards of information Self-regulation (indicator of a progress) Self-assessment 11 (filled based on Task 2 responses) 12. Potential Roles in Education Signposting in the Learning Space - Badge Pathways 12 13. Badging Process 13 14. Earners and Backpack 14 15. Displayers 15 16. Opportunities 16 17. Participants in a badging process Issuers - create badges, make them available to earners and award them Earners - apply for badges and display them Displayers - display badges earned by particular earners 17 18. BuzzMath 18 19. BuzzMath Content Knowledge Badges - view of students progress and accomplishments 19 20. BuzzMath Process Knowledge Badges - acknowledge and reward students for positive behaviors 20 21. BuzzMath Achievement Badges small attainable goals for students; intended to motivate the student 21 22. BuzzMath - Decimals Badge 22 23. Badge the UK 23 24. Pathways for Lifelong Learning Providence After School Alliance PASA 24 25. Grading Soft Skills - GRASS Developing innovative pedagogical approaches and ICT tools to support: to develop novel pedagogical approaches to support continuous development of learners' soft skills to incorporate these approaches in daily practices, at multiple levels of education to develop a rich, structured set of soft skills metrics Project website: 25 26. Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI) Developed by the Mozilla Foundation Used to issue, earn and display badges Applications are able to share, stack, combine, and include badges issued by other applications. 26 27. Platforms Supporting Badges Moodle Blackboard Mahara PebblePad OpenMooc Wordpress (BadgeOS) 27 28. Learner Scenario Revised 28 29. TASK 3 Divide in groups of 4 members Find a use case for using badges in education (e.g. classes you teach, attend etc.) Design 2-3 badges (15 min) Present your badges (10 min) Badge Canvas: 29 30. Credits Mozilla Wiki, Open Badges presentation materials Acclaim, Open Badges for Higher Education 30 31. Digital Badges in Education Nikola Milikic 31