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  • Work-Life-Balance Tips From Mother Nature

    LUXA Enterprises

  • Winter: The season to restore ourselves

  • Winter is a time to hibernate, to rest and ride out the cold winter months


  • What if your could find a day or days during the week where you could

    replenish and restore your energy?

  • What day would that be?

  • Spring: The season to become new

  • Sometimes, we need to do a little spring cleaning for new ideas and new


  • As the plants begin to bud and bloom for new growth, we can do the

    same with fresh ides.

  • Maybe you need to revisit old commitments or review file folders

    that no longer are important.

  • What habits are stale or unproductive?

  • Summer: The season of action

  • As you take in the sun of the summer months, theres always the feeling that summer is about energy and


  • Its time to take action on those new ideas and projects.

  • Maybe you have a relationship that needs a little watering and nurturing?

  • Is it time that you can feed fuel to a longer term project to see it

    through to completion?

  • Fall: The season to reap what you sow

  • This is the time of your life to take stock in what you have and be thankful.

  • Its harvest time and a time to take stock in where you are in the world.

  • Is your business prosperous? Are your work and personal relationships

    sound and fruitful?

  • What do you do for balance in your personal and work life?

    Work-life-balance tips may not really exist in a linear fashion but it might exist in an ideological

    fashion. We may need to see what works in our own personal lives and naturally use the

    best rhythm for our own personal lives to make the right balance.